Waste Reduction for Residents

Most of the materials we dispose of can be recycled. Here are tips to help you reuse, recycle, compost and reduce waste that goes to the landfill. Click here for more information from Republic Services.

Reduce Waste

Source reduction or reducing waste helps you not generate waste in the first place. You can save space, money, resources and reduce clutter. The less you have around you, the less you will need to have to get rid of later. Here are some waste reduction ideas:

  • Use paper on both sides.
  • Get rid of junk mail.
  • Use the public library.
  • Buy in bulk rather than individually sized portions to reduce over packaging.
  • Share home tools with neighbors and work materials with colleagues.


Reuse the things you no longer need or wish to keep. Discover new ways to use and donate materials.

  • Donate things so somebody else can use them. Use the Residential Re-Use Guide, which lists organizations that will pick up your items at no charge. You may also buy/sell and donate used goods via Materials Exchange Websites and Stores.
  • Find ways to use things repeatedly, such as a thermos, resealable plastic bags or storage containers.
  • Remodel with used and vintage construction materials and fixtures found at salvage yards and stores.
  • Consider using energy and money-saving green building practices.
  • Donate used bubble wrap and Styrofoam peanuts to your local packing store. Donate metal hangers to your local dry cleaner. Think about who might want your old stuff and do not be afraid to ask them.
  • Select products that can be used over and over such as cloth napkins, dishcloths, thermoses, resealable plastic bags and shopping bags.


Recycling reduces landfill and greenhouse gas emissions and saves energy. In addition, thanks to innovation, more unusual materials can now be recycled.

Colma's hauler that service our recycling and waste needs:

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Try composting! It is easy, educational and can reduce your garbage bill, since you will have less garbage. Also, consider practicing grasscycling instead of collecting grass clippings after mowing the lawn.

Household Hazardous Waste Collection

Click here to view a list of collections events throughout San Mateo County. Note Note that on this listing, we removed the dates for the Tower Road San Mateo facility since it's every Thu, Fri and Sat (except major Holidays). Or you can visit www.smchealth.org/hhw for more information.