Energy Efficiency for Residents

Get Rebates for energy efficiency home improvements are available with the Energy Upgrade California Home Upgrade program. Homeowners can receive rebates from $1,000 to $3,150 for improvements such as air sealing; duct sealing; insulation; high-efficiency furnaces, air conditioners, and water heaters; energy-efficient windows, and more. Through the Advanced Home Upgrade, homeowners can receive from $1,000 to $6,500 for a more in-depth energy upgrade that includes a home energy assessment. Learn more about this program here.

  • Through the Advanced Home Upgrade, homeowners can receive from $1,000 to $6,500 for a more in-depth energy upgrade that includes a home energy assessment. Learn more about this program here.
  • PG&E offers rebates for new energy efficiency appliances for your home. See the current list of available rebates here. Other rebate programs are available for replacement of home HVAC units 

See PACE section for easy ways to fund your energy efficiency upgrade!

Energy Efficiency for Business

Get a Free Energy Assessment to reduce your energy bills & get rebates

Lower your business’s electricity bills with a free energy assessment and rebates for lighting upgrades and other energy improvements. Visit


PACE is a new way for commercial and residential property owners to pay for energy efficiency upgrades, on-site renewable energy proj­ects, and water conservation measures.

PACE funding is provided for up to 100% of a project’s costs, and is repaid with an assessment on the property tax bill over a term of up to 20 years.  PACE is a national initiative, but programs are locally based and tailored to meet local market needs.

Some quick PACE facts:

  • PACE financing is available for all types of commercial, residential, and industrial properties, large and small.
  • Financing approvals are simple and PACE projects must be permanently affixed to the property and save money for the property owner.
  • Benchmarking, energy audits, and evaluations can be used to ensure that projects make sense.

The approved PACE funding lenders for Colma are: 

California First



Open Pace

Please contact them directly if you have any questions about their programs.

Home Energy Upgrades

New Rebates Now Available 

San Mateo County and the Bay Area Regional Energy Network offer new programs and rebates for family homeowners in the Bay Area who make energy-efficient home improvements. Eligible improvements include air and duct sealing; attic and wall insulation; high-efficiency furnaces, cooling and water systems; and more. Homeowners can be eligible for incentives ranging from $300 to $4,500. In addition, a free Home Upgrade Advisor can provide direct one-to-one assistance to help homeowners through every step of the upgrade. Homeowners can contact a Home Upgrade Advisor at (866) 878.6008 or The site also features a list of Participating Contractors for homeowners who are ready to begin their upgrades.

The Bay Area Regional Energy Network (BayREN) is a collaboration of public agencies representing all nine counties in the San Francisco Bay Area. BayREN draws on the experience and expertise of Bay Area local governments to design and implement effective energy savings programs. Visit

San Mateo County Energy Watch Program - a one-stop-shop for free energy audits and rebates to make your home energy efficient.

HomeIntel -  a PG&E affiliated program that analyzes your home’s energy use and provides recommendations for savings. The free program is excellent for catching hidden energy hogs and prioritizing energy improvements.

Energy Efficiency Resources for Businesses

Small and medium sized business can take advantage of the San Mateo County Energy Watch Turn-key Energy Efficiency Retrofit Program which provides free energy assessments and  subsidized energy efficiency upgrades of lighting and refrigeration systems, with free project management to help you lower your energy bills and boost cash flow. Learn more about this program here.

Businesses in Colma have saved over 1,000, 000 Kwh since the program began in 2013. Please contact San Mateo County Energy Watch for more information 

Solar Resources

Complete Energy Efficiency Before Buying Solar!  Energy efficiency is the cheapest way to save on energy costs, so be sure to complete energy upgrades to reduce the size/cost of your solar project. Below are ways to get started with solar:

Google Project Sunroof - see how much sunlight your roof receives.

Savings: Solar Calculator, a PG&E resource to calculate energy and cost savings with solar.

SunShares solar bulk purchase: SunShares offers solar bulk purchasing and electric vehicle discounts to Bay Area residents. Sunshares pools the buying power of residents, vets the contractors, and offers free, third-party technical advice. For more information, see

Financing:  PACE financing allows property owners to tack on the cost of solar installations and energy efficient projects to property tax bills.

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