General Plan Update

What could or will Colma look like in 2040? Citizens, our Business Community and our City Council will have the opportunity to set this vision during the General Plan update process, and we welcome your input! By state law, each city and town in California must have a General Plan which includes 7 mandated elements.  The Town has an excellent General Plan that was prepared in 1999, and which can be found on the Planning Department website under the Current General Plan tab. However, portions are now out of date and new state laws are requiring that portions be updated.  In addition, the previous General Plan was so successful that many key projects were developed, including the historic museum, police station, community center and gateway monuments.

The Town has completed updates to the Housing Element and Circulation Element, and City Council adopted versions can be found below. The 1999 Circulation Element was updated to include “complete street” components which look at bicycle, pedestrian and other modes of transportation other than just the car. The Housing Element was updated in order to be in compliance with state law. The Town has prepared a Draft Historic Resources Element and is currently accepting comments on the draft.

Please contact the Planning Department at (650)757-8888 with any comments or questions about the General Plan update or other planning related matters.

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