Greening Your Business

Want to get recognized for your efforts to green your business? Colma has two programs that can help your business save money and resources and get special recognition for your greening efforts. The first option is the “Greening Your Business” assessment where you receive a free site assessment and staff assists you with easy ways to save energy, reduce water consumption and recycle more. Free resources and a summary report are provided to your Charging Station at Serra Centerbusiness as part of the “Greening Your Business” assessment. All of the recommendations are optional, and the Town encourages all businesses to participate in this free program. Businesses that receive these “Greening Your Business” assessments will be recognized by Colma’s City Council, and receive recognition in ColmaGreen, the Town of Colma’s website.

Another new alternative is now available to Colma businesses through the Bay Area Green Business Program.This program provides a more rigorous greening option for your business. You can sign up to receive a free checklist of green measures and complete a minimum number of green measures, such as energy efficiency or water conservation actions, for your business. Once you complete the required green measures you’ll receive a visit from a Bay Area Green Business coordinator to verify that you completed the required measures. Once these measures are verified, you’ll receive certification as a Bay Area Green Business. You’ll receive a free listing in the Bay Area Green Business Program Directory, free access to the Bay Area Green Business logo and decals for use on your website and your printed materials. Colma businesses that are certified as Bay Area Green Business will also be recognized by Colma’s City Council and receive recognition in ColmaGreen.

Certified Green Businesses also receive recognition through:

The Bay Area Green Business program is currently funded by the City/County Association of Governments of San Mateo and RecycleWorks, and is part of California’s Green Business Program.

Please visit RecycleWorks at to find out more information about the Bay Area Green Business Program and begin the application process.

Please email for more information about the “Greening Your Business” Assessment for Colma businesses, or call (650) 757-8888 for more information.

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