Colma PD Press Release – C21-0913-02

Posted on September 14, 2021

Today’s Date: 09/14/2021

Case Number: C21-0913-02

Type of Incident: Police Pursuit/Assault on Officer/Stolen Vehicle

Location of Incident: 1100 block Howard Street, San Francisco to 600 block 30th Street, Oakland

Authored By: Sergeant Dawn Marchetti #C16 Authorized By: Chief John Munsey #C55

On 09/14/21 at approximately 9:10am, Colma Police detectives were on the 1100 block of Howard Street in San Francisco, after locating a wanted stolen vehicle that was involved in an ongoing criminal investigation from the night prior. Colma Police detectives observed that the vehicle was occupied by the outstanding suspect, who was asleep in the driver’s seat, and requested assistance from the San Francisco Police Department.
The suspect, Donald Johnson, a 30-year old Oakland resident, was wanted for two prior felony investigations in Colma; a robbery that occurred on 7/21/21 and a grand theft investigation on 9/13/21, in which Johnson fled from officers in the involved stolen vehicle.
Once additional patrol units were on scene, tire deflation devices were deployed, and Colma Police detectives utilized the public address system to contact Johnson, in an attempt to coordinate a safe surrender to police.
Johnson rammed into the police vehicles, pushing them out of the way, and fled from the scene. Colma Police detectives and San Francisco Police officers pursued Johnson onto eastbound Highway 80, over the Bay Bridge, onto southbound 880, and eastbound 580. California Highway Patrol officers took over the pursuit, which came to a conclusion on the 600 block of 30th Street in Oakland. Oakland Police officers responded to that location to assist, and Johnson was taken into custody without further incident.
Johnson was arrested and transported to the San Mateo County Jail for charges related to all outstanding investigations, including assault on a police officer, possession of a stolen vehicle, evading police with disregard for public safety, robbery, burglary, grand theft, and conspiracy.

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