Colma PD’s 8 Can’t Wait Policies

Posted on June 8, 2020

We have received many inquiries from the Town of Colma community about our police department’s policies and how they may or may not meet some of the guidelines being advocated for by police reform organizations including #8cantwait, created by police reform group We’ve re-examined our policies and feel that most, if not all, directly align with the spirit of what is being asked for in the recommendations, but there are nuances in verbiage. We’ve prepared a document that outlines the recommendations, which you can find below.

Our policies are very close to the recommendations being asked for and we also understand there is work to be done with room for improvements. Your police department recognizes and respects the value of all human life and dignity without prejudice to anyone. Vesting officers with the authority to use reasonable force and to protect the public welfare requires monitoring, evaluation and a careful balancing of all interests.

In that spirit, our leadership will discuss potential changes in verbiage to more closely align with the recommended practices.

Colma PD’s 8 Can’t Wait Policies PDF

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