Crime Bulletin – February 2024

Posted on March 1, 2024

Information in this report may not include all responses or participation of the Colma Police Department.

Crimes Investigated

In January of 2024, we took 130 reports, slightly down from 146 reports in December.  We arrested 53 people for 45 misdemeanors and 8 felonies; issued 267 criminal, traffic, and parking citations; and conducted 81 traffic enforcement stops.  Between February 1st and February 13th, we have already taken 48 reports, made 21 arrests, issued 130 citations, and conducted 18 traffic stops.

Between January 23rd and 25th officers took 11 reports which included assaults, warrant arrests, thefts, lost property, and narcotic offenses. One case, which occurred on the 25th at approximately 4:30pm, officers were dispatch to a local restaurant on the report of a male who used narcotics in a bathroom.  Upon their arrival the officers immediately observed that the individual was overdosing from Fentanyl poisoning.  They requested fire and medics to respond and started to initiate life saving measures.  Officers provided NARCAN to the individual, who after two doses, began to regain consciousness.  By this time the Colma Fire Department had arrived on scene and took over care of the patient.

Between January 26th and 27th officers took another 8 cases.  One case in particular occurred on the 27th when Colma Officers received a notification from our license plate reading cameras of a felony vehicle in the area of Serramonte Boulevard and Junipero Serra Boulevard. The vehicle was associated to a kidnapping that occurred in a neighboring agency’s jurisdiction earlier in the day. Officers responded to the area and located the vehicle in the drive-through of a business in the 500 block of Serramonte Blvd. With the help of the San Bruno Police Department and the Daly City Police Department, a high-risk felony stop was conducted. The vehicle was occupied by a solo driver, a 25-year-old male from San Francisco. He was detained by officers without incident. A loaded handgun was later found concealed in the vehicle.

On January 28th officers conducting routine patrol through one of our shopping centers, located a vehicle parked in a disabled parking spot that was not displaying a placard.  Upon contact with the driver, it was determined that her driver’s license was suspended, and she was not disabled.  Further investigation revealed that her accomplice was inside the retail store.  It was determined that the accomplice had an outstanding warrant for her arrest.  Upon being arrested, stolen property was located on her person.  Upon searching the vehicle, additional stolen property was located.  It was determined that prior to stopping in Colma these two females had just committed a grab and run theft from a retail store in the Serramonte Mall in Daly City.  The two females were issued citations and released from the scene.  Any crimes in Colma were adverted by the officer’s proactive approach to contacting them for the disabled parking violation.

On January 29th officers responded to a local business on the report of a subject who was in the process of stealing merchandise.  The subject had cut the security cables off merchandise and was concealing it into a bag.  Officers made contact with the individual and detained him for the theft investigation.  This subject was known to the officers, as the Colma police department arrested him in the past for outstanding warrants, drunk in public, various thefts, criminal threats, and felony assaults.  As the officers were conducting follow up with this theft, they learned that the subject had sexually assaulted two victims while inside of the retail store, one of which was a juvenile.  The subject was arrested and booked into jail for vandalism of the security devise and the sextual assault of the two women.  He was released from jail on February 13th having served his time and pleading no contest to the case.

Between January 30th and February 6th officers took another 31 cases.  These cases ranged from assaults, burglaries, traffic collisions, narcotics related offenses, warrant arrests, vandalisms, and thefts.

On January 7th officers were at the San Mateo County Southern Courthouse in Redwood City, to testify for a preliminary hearing for a prior case. Colma Officers were aware the male suspect had an out of county, $50,000 felony warrant for his arrest. As Officers were on the 4th floor hallway of the courthouse, they observed the male suspect. The male was made aware he had a warrant, and upon seeing Colma Officers, he turned in the opposite direction and started walking away. When officers approached him and told him to stop, the male started running towards the fire escape stairwell and began running down them. Colma Officers pursued the male down the stairwell, continually yelling at the male to stop, which he ignored.  Upon getting to the 1st floor of the courthouse, an observant citizen alerted officers that the male ran into a restroom. Officers located the male inside a bathroom stall and placed him under arrest for the warrant and resisting arrest. During a probation search of the male, a set of vehicle keys were located. A DMV check of the vehicle revealed the vehicle had been reported stolen to the Santa Clara Police Department. During a search of the stolen vehicle, a plastic bag with forty-eight rounds of ammunition were located. Officers recognized this ammunition to have the ability to penetrate armor. Two catalytic converters that appeared to have been sawed off of vehicles were also located in the vehicle. Christopher Lang, 37-year-old San Leandro resident, was arrested for possession of a stolen vehicle, taking a vehicle without owner’s consent, possessing armor penetrating ammo, resisting arrest and his felony warrant. He was booked into the San Mateo County Jail.

On February 9th officers were dispatched to a business in the 1700 block of Hillside Boulevard, on a report of an intoxicated male being verbally aggressive towards security officers. Officers were updated that the male was physically fighting with security officers and all parties were fighting on the ground. As officers attempted to detain the male, he bit one of the officer’s hand, causing minor injuries. The 39-year-old male from San Francisco, was placed under arrest for battery against a police officer, assault, and disorderly conduct. He was booked into the San Mateo County Jail.  The male was released from jail the next morning on bail.

Between February 10th and 13th officers took another 12 cases ranging from fraud, thefts, possession of stolen property, and verbal disturbances.  One case occurred on February 10th when officers were on routine patrol in one of our retail shopping centers.  Officers observed a subject exiting the store with a large box underneath his jacket and bulging pockets of his jacket.  Officers attempted to speak with this individual, but he decided to flee on foot from them.  Officers eventually detained the subject and identified him as a person who we have had numerous prior cases with.  He has been arrested 13 previous times by our agency for narctics, thefts, resisting arrests, warrants, and robbery in 2021.  He is also on probation. The individual was issued a citation for being in possession of stolen property and resisting arrest.  He was released with a citation.

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