Crime Bulletin — January 2020

Posted on March 3, 2020

Crimes Investigated

Vehicle Burglary

During the month of January, there were four (4) reports of vehicle burglaries.  As always, please ensure that you lock your vehicle doors and hide your valuables from sight, so you don’t accidentally encourage a would-be thief to break into your vehicle.


During the month of January, the Colma Police Department received twenty-one (21) reports of theft related crimes and made twelve (12) arrests ranging from petty theft, grand theft, shoplifting, identity theft and burglary.

Stolen Vehicle

During the month of January two (2) vehicles were reported stolen or embezzled and two (2) stolen vehicles were recovered.

Towed Vehicles

During the month of January, there were seven (7) vehicles towed for violations ranging from arrested suspects, expired vehicle registration over six months, and abandoned vehicles.


During the month of January, patrol officers made a total of fifteen (15) arrests for drug and alcohol related charges, which included two (2) arrests for driving under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol.


On 01/02/20, a robbery occurred on the 100 block of Colma Boulevard.  Colma Police Officers responded to a report of a theft that had just taken place where one of the two female suspects threatened to use pepper spray on the person attempting to stop the theft, if they did not move out of the way.  The loss in the theft was $1996.02.  Colma Police Officers identified one of the female suspects and after the female was positively identified, Colma Detectives determined that she was at an address in San Francisco.  SFPD was asked to attempt to locate the suspect at the address and arrested her minutes later.  Colma Officers responded to Ingleside Station in SF and took custody of the suspect who was booked into San Mateo County Jail on several felony charges.

Shooting in to Inhabited Dwelling (UPDATE)

On 12/22/19 at approximately 8:42pm, Colma Police were dispatched to the 400 block of “F” Street on a report of multiple shots fired.  Officers arrived and contacted several subjects that stated they were inside of a residence in the area at the time of the shooting.  Further investigation revealed four bullet holes in a structure, and it was determined to be an isolated incident.  Colma Detectives are currently investigating the crime.

On 01/15/20, Colma Police Officers assisted SFPD Officers in serving search warrants on the 400 block of “C” Street and at the same residence on the 400 block of “F” Street. The search warrants were related to 2 male suspects that were arrested in San Francisco for possession of unregistered, loaded firearms.  Both suspects lived in each of the residences in Colma.

Robbery/Assault w/Deadly Weapon/Resisting Arrest

On 01/28/20, a male suspect attempted to gain access to a room on the 1600 block of Mission Road by means of force or fear to the staff.  The suspect attacked a staff member who retreated to a locked office for their safety. Colma Police Officers responded and located the male suspect attempting to flee in a vehicle. While fleeing the scene one officer was almost struck by the vehicle as he was ordering the suspect to stop. The suspect fled from several officers in the vehicle at a high rate of speed, crashing into a building while evading officers.  The suspect was later located approximately one mile away from the crash site by Daly City and Colma Police Officers.  He resisted arrest and multiple officers were needed to place him in a restraint device. He was booked into San Mateo County Jail on multiple felony charges.

Criminal Investigation Notes

During the months of December and January, the Colma Police Department authored thirteen (13) search warrants that were granted by San Mateo County Judges. These search warrants were written by the Criminal Investigation Bureau and Patrol Division for various felonious acts committed in the Town of Colma.

The Criminal Investigation Bureau has investigated numerous criminal cases within this same time frame and submitted 12 additional warrants for review by the District Attorney’s Office. These warrants resulted in 9 suspects being arrested pursuant to our on-going investigations.

County-Wide Efforts

Sergeant Guerrero participated in the San Mateo County Saturation Traffic Enforcement Program (STEP) detail.

Officer McKenna participated in the San Mateo County Gang Task Force one-week deployment.

January Statistics

Arrests 41
Reports Taken 104
Traffic Citations 53
Parking Citations 134
Automobile Collisions 7


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