Crime Bulletin – January 2021

Posted on March 1, 2021


Crimes Investigated

Vehicle Burglary

During the month of January, there were no (0) reports of vehicle burglaries.  As always, please ensure that you lock your vehicle doors and hide your valuables from sight, so you don’t accidently encourage a would-be thief to break into your vehicle.


During the month of January, the Colma Police Department received thirty-four (34) reports of theft related crimes and made eleven (11) arrests ranging from petty theft, grand theft, robbery, shoplifting, identity theft and burglary.

Stolen Vehicle

During the month of January four (4) vehicles were reported stolen or embezzled and five (5) stolen vehicles were recovered.

Towed Vehicles

During the month of January, there were two (2) vehicles towed for violations ranging from arrested suspects, expired vehicle registration over six months, and abandoned vehicles.


During the month of January, patrol officers made a total of twenty-one (21) arrests for drug and alcohol related charges, which included one (1) arrest for driving under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol.

Vehicle Theft X2/Assault with Deadly Weapon on an Officer

On 01/11/21, at 5:50 am, a vehicle theft in progress was reported on the 400 block of Serramonte Boulevard.  Colma Police Officers responded to the area and located two suspects still inside one of the stolen vehicles.  The suspects attempted to run over a Colma Officer two times with the stolen vehicle while they were evading arrest.  The suspects, unable to escape the area in the vehicle, then fled southbound on foot, over a fence and into a cemetery under the cover of darkness.  Police Officers from S. San Francisco, Daly City, Broadmoor, and San Mateo County Sheriff’s Office searched the surrounding area for 2.5 hours with negative results on locating the male or the female suspects.  During a search of the abandoned, stolen vehicle, a purse belonging to the female suspect was found, her identification card and a loaded firearm were located inside of the purse.  Further investigation revealed within hours, the identities of both suspects.  Another stolen vehicle, that the suspects used to arrive in Colma, was recovered on the 400 block of Serramonte Blvd.  Before 12:00 noon, both suspects were located in Colma and arrested and booked into San Mateo County Jail on multiple felony charges.

Robbery/Probation Violation

On 01/20/21 at approximately 4:21pm, Colma Police were dispatched to the 100 block of Colma Boulevard on a report of a theft that had just taken place.  Officers arrived and were informed by witnesses, that the male suspect was aggressively waving a stolen hammer and threatening an employee who attempted to stop him from stealing merchandise.  The suspect was located by Officers in the immediate area and taken into custody without incident.  The suspect was in possession of the stolen hammer and other stolen merchandise.  He was booked into San Mateo County Jail on the Burglary charge and a Probation Violation.

Grand Theft

On 01/27/21, Colma Police Officers responded to the 5000 block of Junipero Serra Boulevard on a report of a theft that had occurred earlier in the day.  After reviewing video surveillance footage, a TRAK Flyer was sent to Bay Area Law Enforcement agencies with a photograph of the suspect.  On 01/28/21, a local Police Agency identified the suspect, who was later positively identified by a witness as the male who stole $1437.56 worth of merchandise.  Further investigation revealed that the suspect is on San Mateo County Probation.  Colma Police Detectives are currently investigating the case, updates soon to follow.

Criminal Investigation Notes

During the year 2020, the Colma Police Department authored twenty-three (23) search warrants that were granted by San Mateo County Judges. These search warrants were authored for, but not limited to, the searches of residences, electronic devices, and vehicles, in cities as far away as Gilroy and Sacramento. These search warrants were written by the Criminal Investigation Bureau and Patrol Division for various felonious acts committed in the Town of Colma.

County-Wide Efforts

Officers McKenna and Berkovatz participated in San Mateo Counties Mutual Aid deployment to the California State Capitol due to the reports of planned protests/riots.

Community Events

  • 01/13/21, Council Meeting/Chief Munsey’s Year in Review via Zoom
  • 01/20/21, Senior Luncheon Deliveries
  • 01/27/21, Council Meeting via Zoom

January Statistics

Arrests 47
Reports Taken 94
Traffic Citations 34
Parking Citations 150
Automobile Collisions 5


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