Crime Bulletin – January 2024

Posted on February 1, 2024

Information in this report may not include all responses or participation of the Colma Police Department.

Crimes Investigated

In December of 2023, we took 146 reports, slightly down from 160 reports in November.  We arrested 72 people for 57 misdemeanors and 15 felonies; issued 195 criminal, traffic, and parking citations; and conducted 75 traffic enforcement stops. Between January 1st and January 22nd, we have already taken 86 reports, made 35 arrests, issued 127 citations, and conducted 59 traffic stops.  In comparing total cases taken over the years we have seen a steady increase over the last two years.

Between December 14th and 18th officers took 14 reports ranging from thefts, disturbances, vandalism, and threats.  One case of note was a theft from an unlocked vehicle which occurred in our Sterling Park neighborhood.  On December 18th a resident observed that an item was missing from the interior of their vehicle.  Investigation led to the discovery that an unknown person opened the victims unlocked vehicle and stole the item sometime overnight.  This is a good reminder to make sure you remove valuables from your vehicle and remember to lock your door.

December 19th was a busy day for the Colma Police Officers who were working.  They took a total of 8 cases throughout the day ranging from a vehicle collision, thefts, robberies, and a report for a mental health hold on a patient.  The robbery occurred at one of our retail establishments.  Two subjects were attempting to steal $150 worth of merchandise when they were confronted by the loss prevention officer for the store.  Upon contact with the loss prevention officer the two subjects pushed and punched the loss prevention officer who was attempting to stop the theft.  This use of force by the subjects turned this case from a petty theft into a robbery investigation.  The subjects are still unknown, and the investigation is underway.

On December 20th a resident’s vehicle was stolen sometime overnight.  The vehicle was later recovered by the South San Francisco Police Department on December 23rd and a subject was arrested for being in possession of the stolen vehicle.  Officers determined that the subject who was arrested in the vehicle was also responsible for stealing the vehicle from our Sterling Park neighborhood.  Our case was sent to the San Mateo County District Attorneys Office to be attached to the South San Francisco Police Department arrest case. The subject who was arrested was booked into jail and later released the same day on bail.

Between December 21st and 24th officers took 20 cases ranging from vehicle collisions, theft related offenses, narcotic arrests, and fraud cases.  On December 24th officers responded to an in-progress theft at one of our retail establishments.  Upon their arrival, Officers located the fleeing suspect who was riding a bicycle.  The subject failed to stop for the officers, which resulted in an additional officer having to push the subject off of his bicycle causing him to fall to the ground.  The subject was not injured and taken into custody without further struggle.  Incident to the subjects arrest a search was conducted and narcotics, specifically fentanyl, and narcotics paraphernalia were located on his person.  It was also determined that he was a suspect in a previous theft from the same retail store and on probation for fraud.  He was booked into jail for grand theft and resisting arrest.  He is still in custody awaiting court.

Between December 25th and 29th officers took another 17 cases.  On December 29th officers received a license plate reader notification that a known theft suspect had entered our town.  Officers had been investigating this subject as he was related to 5 previous retail thefts dating back to October.  Officers located the suspect’s vehicle in a parking lot of the same retail store he had previously stolen from.  Upon contact with officers the subject fled running away from them on foot.  Officers requested mutual aid and the Daly City, South San Francisco, and San Bruno Police Departments all responded to assist.  Utilizing a law enforcement drone the subject was located and taken into custody.  It was also determined that the subject had an arrest warrant for violating his probation.  All theft cases and resisting arrest cases were forwarded to the district attorney’s office for prosecution.  Officers attended court on January 16th where he was held to answer on his charges.

Over the new year, between December 30th and January 8th officers took another 31 cases which included driving under the influence arrests, thefts, robberies, narcotic related arrests, warrant arrests, vehicle collision, and organized retail theft cases.  Specifically on January 8th officers responded to a grab and run theft where over $3,000 worth of skin care products were stolen from one of our local retail establishments.  Officers and detectives conducted follow up into the case and using our license plate reading cameras, were able to identify the vehicle that the suspect used to flee the scene.  This ultimately led the detectives to identify the suspect who was responsible.  The case was sent to the district attorney’s office for a warrant to be issued for the suspect.

On January 10th officers responded to another organized retail theft case where three subjects entered one of our retail establishments and fled with over $70,000 worth of merchandise.  Officers were able to obtain a license plate for the vehicle that the suspects used to flee the scene.  Unfortunately, the license plate that was affixed to the rear of the car was an unreported stolen plate.  This is a good reminder to always make sure to report to law enforcement if your license plate is stolen off of your car.  Suspects will often place the stolen license plates onto their vehicle prior to committing these types of crimes. If these stolen plates are not reported to law enforcement, then our license plate reading cameras will not notify us that the vehicle entered our town.  Investigation into this theft is ongoing.

Between January 11th and 22nd officers took another 50 cases.  These cases ranged from theft related offences, narcotic arrests, warrant arrests, driving under the influence arrests, vehicle collisions, domestic violence arrests, hit and run collisions, vandalism cases, and burglary and conspiracy investigations.  One case of note occurred on January 17th at 1:30am.  Officers on routine patrol located a suspicious vehicle at one of our auto dealerships.  Officers attempted to stop and speak with the occupants of the vehicle, but they fled from his lights and sirens.  Officers discontinued their pursuit of the vehicle due to the risk it posed to the community.  Colma Detectives conducted follow up on the vehicle which fled from the night shift officers and were able to identify it utilizing a combination of our in-car camera system, fixed post surveillance cameras, and our license plate reading cameras.  It was also determined that this vehicle, which fled from our officers, was wanted in at least two prior vehicle theft cases from the Daly City Police Department and the San Jose State University Police Department.  It is without a doubt that our night shift officers proactive policing prevented these suspects from stealing another vehicle on January 17th.

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