Crime Bulletin – July 2023

Posted on August 1, 2023

Information in this report may not include all responses or participation of the Colma Police Department.

Crimes Investigated

In June of 2023, we took 181 reports, up from 151 reports in May.  We arrested 88 people for 82 Misdemeanors and 6 Felonies; issued 349 criminal, traffic, and parking citations; and conducted 172 traffic enforcement stops. Between July 1 through July 11, we have already taken 67 reports, made 32 arrests, issued 126 citations, and conducted 63 traffic stops.

On June 19th officers took six reports, four of which were theft related cases, with three people were arrested.

On June 20th officers took nine reports. One case was a felony grand theft report where a subject stole from a local retail store.  The subject was arrested and issued a citation for grand theft.

Between June 21st and June 26th officers took another 34 cases, which included theft and narcotic related offenses.

On June 27th officers on patrol located a suspicious vehicle in the parking lot of one of our malls.  Officers attempted a traffic enforcement stop on the vehicle.  The driver of the vehicle failed to stop for the officer and fled the scene.  The officer did not pursue the driver to prevent any risk to the public.  Upon follow up with a local retail establishment, the officer was able to determine that the driver had just committed a grand theft and burglary of the business.  The officer was able to identify the driver through video surveillance and a warrant for her arrest is forthcoming.

Between June 28th and July 3rd officers took another 39 reports and arrested 16 people for various theft and narcotic related offenses. In one case on the 29th officers received notification through a license plate reading camera that a stolen vehicle had entered our jurisdiction.  Officers located the vehicle in the parking lot of one of our malls and arrested the occupant.  The driver also had an outstand warrant for his arrest.  The subject was issued a citation for possession of a stolen vehicle and his outstanding warrant and was released from the scene.

On July 4th officers took six cases.  One case was a call for service at a local retail establishment.  It was reported that a known shoplifter was in the store and management wanted our assistance in asking the person to leave.  Upon officer arrival they determined that the subject was on probation with a search and seizure clause. A search of the subject revealed he was in possession of a loaded firearm in his waistband, and methamphetamine in his pocket.  He was arrested and booked into jail on multiple firearm and narcotics related offenses.  The subject posted bail and was released on July 7th.

On July 6th officers responded to a local auto dealership on the report of a subject stealing a vehicle.  It was reported that a subject stole the vehicle from the auto detailing parking lot.  Through the investigation, officers and detectives were able to determine that the subject that stole the vehicle had just committed a grab and run theft from a nearby business.  A photograph of the suspect was obtained, and the subject was subsequently identified.  A warrant for his arrest is forthcoming.

On July 7th officers responded to a call about possible drunk driver. Officers located the vehicle and conducted standardized field sobriety tests on the driver.  Officers also located damage to the vehicle and determined that the driver had struck a street sign in the Town of Colma.  The driver was transported to a sobering facility and was issued a citation.

On July 9th officers responded to a medical emergency in a local retail establishment.  Officer quickly discovered that the individual was experiencing an overdose from narcotics. Officers quickly administered the lifesaving drug NARCAN which resulted in the subject regaining consciousness. The subject admitted to smoking Fentanyl inside of the business’s restroom prior to overdosing. He was transported by paramedics to the hospital for further evaluation.

On July 10th officers conducted a traffic stop on a vehicle for displaying expired registration. It was determined that the passenger of the vehicle was restrained from being in contact with the driver of the vehicle.  Following his arrest, officers also located narcotics on his person.  He was booked into jail for violating the restraining order and for being in possession of narcotics.On July 11th officers took another eleven cases.  These cases included a domestic battery, stolen vehicle, narcotics offenses, and retail theft related offenses. In one of the cases, officers were dispatched to a retail establishment on the report of two males who stole merchandise and fled out of the emergency exit.  Responding officers located the two males who were still in possession of the stolen merchandise.  A search incident to one of the male’s arrests located brass knuckles, an illegal weapon.  Both males were issued citations and released from the scene.  The stolen merchandise was returned to the business.

Community Events

7/2/23 Worship Services Mercy Housing
7/8/23 Town Community Fair Colma Community Center
7/9/23 Worship Services Mercy Housing
7/13/23 Mercy BBQ Mercy Housing
7/14/23 Cops & Kids – Sundaes & Games Sterling Park Recreation Center
7/16/23 Worship Services Mercy Housing
7/23/23 Worship Services Mercy Housing
7/26/23 Mercy Breakfast Mercy Housing
7/30/23 Worship Services Mercy Housing

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