Crime Bulletin – June 2023

Posted on July 3, 2023

Information in this report may not include all responses or participation of the Colma Police Department.

Crimes Investigated

In May of 2023, we took 151 reports, slightly down from 178 in April.  We arrested 62 people for 52 Misdemeanors and 10 Felonies; issued 268 criminal, traffic, and parking citations; and conducted 158 traffic enforcement stops. Between June 1 through June 19, we have already taken 109 reports, made 51 arrests, issued 183 citations, and conducted 111 traffic stops.

On May 17th Officers took a total of seven cases, which included a warrant arrest, narcotic offenses, and theft related charges.

On May 18th Officers were conducting routine patrol at local retail establishment when they were notified by security that a male subject was walking towards the front door with a shopping cart of unpaid merchandise.  Upon contact with security the male subject fled on foot.  When he reached the officers, who were standing by out front, the subject continued to flee on foot.  The subject was apprehended following a short foot pursuit.  He was booked into jail for felony theft and resisting arrest.

On May 22nd and May 25th, a retail store in Colma was targeted by organized crime.  On both occasions multiple subjects entered the business with large bags and stole a large quantity of merchandise.  Colma Detectives have been investigating these organized retail thefts and have identified 2 of the seven subjects.  They have also learned through the course of their investigation that these subjects are responsible for many additional thefts throughout the Bay Area.

These cases are still under active investigation and anyone who witnesses any suspicious behavior in our malls that could be related to organized crime are encouraged to call our dispatch center as soon as possible at 650-997-8321.  Some suspicious behavior to be aware of are cars with no or covered licenses plates, heavily tinted car windows, and large groups of people wearing hoods and masks entering a business at one time while holding large, empty bags.

On May 30th Officers received a license plate reader notification of a lost or stolen Nevada license plate.  Officers determined that the license plate was not on the correct vehicle and conducted an area check for the vehicle.  Officers located the vehicle in a parking lot of a local retail establishment.  Following a high-risk felony stop on the vehicle officers were able to safely detain two subjects.  It was determined that the vehicle the stolen plate was placed onto was also stolen out of Nevada.  The driver of the vehicle was arrested for possession of a stolen vehicle, narcotic related offenses, and an outstanding arrest warrant for possession of a different stolen car.  The passenger was released without charges.

On June 1st Officers received a license plate reader notification of a stolen rental moving van.  Officers conducted a stop on the vehicle and arrested the driver for being in possession of the stolen van.  Investigation into the van discovered that the driver had driven it from Florida to California failing to return the vehicle.

Also, on June 1st Officers responded to a local retail establishment on the report of a $5,399.98 theft.  Through their investigation the subject was determined to be the same subject that stole $3,399.98 worth of merchandise from the same store on January 29th.  The subject was identified in both cases and a warrant for his arrested was submitted.

On June 2nd Officers conducted a traffic enforcement stop on a vehicle for speeding.  Upon contact with the driver the officers determined that he was under the influence of alcohol.  They also learned that the driver was on probation for a previous driving under the influence case. The driver was arrested and booked into county jail.

Between June 3rd and June 7th Officers took another 21 cases including stolen vehicle reports, theft reports, warrant arrests, narcotic related offenses, and traffic collisions.

On June 8th Officers responded to a report of an indecent exposure case where the subject was inside of his vehicle.  Through their investigation officers were able to identify the subject and learned that he has also committed similar crimes throughout the Bay Area.  This case will be sent to the San Mateo County District Attorneys Office for the issuance of an arrest warrant.

Later that day Officers located a subject walking through town that they recognized from previous theft and narcotic related cases.  Upon a records check they learned that the subject had a warrant for his arrest.  As the officers attempted to conduct a pedestrian stop on the subject he attempted to flee on foot.  Following a brief struggle officers were able to arrest the subject.  It was determined that he was in possession of drug paraphernalia.  He was arrested and booked into jail on his outstanding warrant, possession of narcotic paraphernalia and resisting arrest.

Also, on June 8th Officers received a license plate reader notification that a felony vehicle entered our town.  Officers located and detained the driver who was wanted for a felony burglary case out of Berkley and Foster City. The subject was arrested and released to Foster City Police for their investigation.

Between June 8th and June 18th officers took another 70 cases which included thefts, traffic collisions, hit and run collisions, warrant arrests, narcotic related offenses, an arson case, a robbery case, DUI arrests, vandalism cases, and identity theft related cases.

On June 18th Officers responded to a report of a firearm being brandished following a road rage incident.  Utilizing license plate reader technology officers were able to quickly identify a suspect vehicle.  Later that night officers received notification from the license plate reading cameras that the suspect vehicle had re-entered our jurisdiction.  They conducted a high-risk felony stop on the vehicle and detained the occupants.  It was determined that the suspect did brandish a realistic looking BB Gun following a road rage incident.  This case will be forwarded to the district attorney’s office for review of charges.

Community Events

6/4/23 Worship Services Mercy Housing
6/4/23 Taste of the Bay Car Show Lexus
6/11/23 Worship Services Mercy Housing
6/14/23 Flag Raising – Philippine CCC
6/15/23 Town of Colma BBQ Mercy Housing
6/18/23 Worship Services Mercy Housing
6/21/23 Senior Luncheon CCC
6/22/23 Special Olympic Torch Run Colma
6/24/23 Colma Field Day Sterling
6/25/23 Worship Services Mercy Housing
6/28/23 Mercy Breakfast Mercy Housing

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