Crime Bulletin – March 2022

Posted on April 1, 2022

graph with statistics for the month of march

Information in this report may not include all responses or participation of the Colma Police Department.

Crimes Investigated

In February of 2022 we took 141 reports and 41 arrests.  We issued 177 citations and conducted 35 traffic stops.  From March 1st through March 8th we have taken 33 reports, made 11 arrests, issued 42 citations, and conducted 6 traffic stops.

February 2022 was the highest number of cases the police department has ever taken in a one-month period. The vast majority of the cases were theft related.

On February 10th officers located a stolen vehicle in the parking lot of one of our shopping malls.  They had previously received a notification from our license plate reading system that the vehicle had entered our city.  Upon their attempt to take the driver into custody, the driver fled from the officers at a high rate of speed almost striking an officer who was out of his vehicle.  A be on the look out message was sent to the San Francisco Police Department who located the suspect and took him into custody.  Charges will be filed in our county for evading officer’s and attempting to run them over with his vehicle.

Also, on February 10th officers arrested a known member of a regional organized retail theft gang for theft.  This subject was also on probation for a prior robbery.  Upon a probation search of her property officers located numerus items of other people’s personal identifying information and additional stolen property from other retail locations.  Officers issued her a citation for theft and possession of stolen property, and she was released from the scene.

On February 11th Colma Detectives received a fraud report from one of our auto dealerships.  Colma Detectives collaborated with the South San Francisco police department and arranged the delivery of the fraudulently purchased vehicle to the subject who purchased the vehicle with our victim’s personal information.  The subject was arrested and determined to be on probation for similar offenses.  A probation search of his vehicle, which had a stolen license plate on it, and hotel room revealed multiple additional items of evidence of fraud that were seized in this case.  The subject was released with a citation for felony identity theft.

On February 14th officers received a report of an embezzled vehicle from a car rental company.  Investigation into the case led the officers to identify the renter who had actively been avoiding the staff’s request to return the rented vehicle.  Officers located the stolen rental car and arrested the driver.  She was issued a citation and the vehicle was returned to the rental car company.

On February 17th officers located a vehicle speeding through our city. An enforcement stop was conducted, and the driver was identified.  It was determined that the driver had an active warrant for stealing a car.  A search of the vehicle revealed ammunition and a loaded stolen firearm.  The driver was arrested and booked into jail for his outstanding warrant, being a felon in possession of ammunition and a stolen firearm.

On February 19th officers were notified by our license plate reading cameras of a stolen vehicle entering our city.  The two occupants of the stolen vehicle were arrested.  The driver was booked into jail for possessing the stolen car.  The passenger was arrested for possession of narcotic paraphernalia and released with a citation.

On February 23rd officers responded to a local retail store for a felony grab and run theft.  They were able to apprehend a subject who was in possession of over $2,000 worth of merchandise.  The subject was arrested and booked into jail for grand theft and commercial burglary.

On February 24th officers responded to a retail store on the report of a felony grab and run theft.  After a short foot pursuit, the officers apprehended two subjects who were in possession of over $2,500 worth of merchandise.  Both subjects were arrested and booked into jail on multiple outstanding warrants and on view grand theft, conspiracy, and commercial burglary charges.

On February 24th a subject was arrested by officers for petty theft from one of our retail stores.  The subject was determined to have multiple outstanding warrants for her arrest where she had to be booked into jail.  Upon booking her into county jail deputies located fentanyl hidden on her person.  She was additionally charged with a felony count of smuggling narcotics into a jail facility.

On February 25th officers responded to a felony grab and run theft where three suspects fled into an awaiting vehicle with over $3,000 worth of merchandise.  Officers sent a be on the look out message to San Francisco Police with the vehicle information from the theft.  A San Francisco Sherriff Deputy in charge of their remote monitoring system was able to locate a known theft suspect in our town during the time of our crime.  He was able to assemble a team and arrest four suspects who were actively selling the stolen products in San Francisco out of the vehicle used in our crime.  Colma officers took custody of the four subjects and booked them into our county jail on grand theft, conspiracy, and commercial burglary charges.  It was also determined that the vehicle they used was stolen out of San Francisco.

Also, on February 25th officers responded to a local restaurant where two customers fled the restaurant without paying their bill.  It was determined that while standing outside of the restaurant on the sidewalk an employee was targeted by the driver of the vehicle.  The driver drove the vehicle up onto the sidewalk forcing the employee to jump out of the fleeing vehicles path.  Investigation into the case is currently on going and anyone with information is encouraged to contact the Colma Police Department.  You can also leave any anonymous tips on our tip line 650-997-8337.

On March 6th officers contacted three subjects in a parked vehicle in one of our shopping malls. It was determined that their vehicle registration had been expired for over 6 months.  Officers determined that the driver had a suspended driver license, and the passenger had a warrant for his arrest.  Upon searching the vehicle officers located over 150 pills of Adderall, along with cocaine, and various other items of narcotic paraphernalia.  The driver was issued a citation for possession of narcotics for sales and the passenger was issued a new court date for his outstanding warrant.  The vehicle was towed from the scene.

Community Events

Thank you to our amazing community for all of the messages, calls & flowers, in support of Officer Alvarado, his family, and his coworkers here in Colma and in Salinas.

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