Crime Bulletin – May 2024

Posted on June 3, 2024

Graph of Colma PD Statistics as of 4/23/24 through 5/20/24, 1956 Total Incidents.

Information in this report may not include all responses or participation of the Colma Police Department.

Crimes Investigated

In April of 2024, we took 170 reports, slightly up from March which had 143 reports.  We arrested 95 people for 73 misdemeanors and 22 felonies; issued 378 criminal, traffic, and parking citations; and conducted 156 traffic enforcement stops.  Between May 1st and May 20th, we have only taken 44 reports, made 18 arrests, issued 127 citations, and conducted 112 traffic stops.  May cases are significantly lower than the previous months.

On April 23rd we took 6 cases.  Case 1 for the day was a felony assault where a male suspect was hitting another male victim with a big rock.  Officers arrived on scene and detained a male that matched the description given. Speaking with the victim and witnesses, the suspect walked up to the victim and punched him in the face. The suspect then grabbed the victim by his shirt collar and forcefully dragged him, against his will, towards the street. After being separated by witnesses, the suspect grabbed multiple rocks and threw them at the victim, missing him. The victim sustained moderate injuries and was treated at the scene by the Colma Fire Department.  Joal Antoniomedina, a 34-year-old San Francisco resident, was arrested for kidnapping, false imprisonment, and assault with a deadly weapon. He was booked into the San Mateo County Jail where he remains in custody pending his court proceedings.

Case 5 of that same day officers responded to a retail establishment on the report of a theft.  The suspect was apprehended and issued a citation for theft.  It was later learned that the loss prevention officer was assaulted during the commission of the theft, thus turning the theft into a robbery by using force.  The case was forwarded to the district attorney’s office for filing of the theft and requesting an additional robbery charge.

Between April 24th and 29th officers took another 31 cases.  One of which was an auto burglary which occurred on April 29th at 5:30 pm.  The vehicles windows were smashed, and a laptop bag was stolen from inside the rear trunk.  This case serves as a reminder to try to keep valuables out of your vehicle and out of view if you have to have them in there.

Between April 30th and May 6th officers only took 10 cases.  They ranged from an assault and robbery where the victim’s chain was snatch off of her neck by the suspect.  This case was forwarded to the district attorney’s office for the issuance of an arrest warrant.  There were also warrant arrests, hit and run collisions, thefts, and narcotic arrests.

The first case of May 7th officers were patrolling the metro mall shopping center and noticed a recreational vehicle (RV) parked in the parking lot.  Upon checking the registration status of the RV, officers learned that the vehicle had been reported stolen that same day.  Colma Officers made entry into the motorhome and located a solo male occupant, sleeping at the kitchen table. The male was quickly detained without further incident. The male initially provided officers with a different name. A records check conducted by our dispatchers of the male’s true name revealed he had a $50,000 felony warrant, a $20,000 felony warrant, and a $2,500 misdemeanor warrant for his arrest from outside agencies. Douglas Edwards, a 51-year-old unhoused male, was arrested for being in possession of a stolen vehicle, taking a vehicle without owner’s consent, giving false identification to a peace officer, and his three warrants. He was booked into the San Mateo County Jail. The motorhome was towed and eventually returned to the owner.

Between May 8th and May 11th officers took another 12 cases.  One case of note occurred on May 11th at 8:45 pm.  Officers were on routine patrol when they observed a truck driving with flat tires.  Officers attempted to conduct a traffic enforcement stop on the vehicle, but the driver failed to yield to the officers.  The driver continued to drive away from the officers and even veered Image of gun and gun magazine.into the wrong side of the roadway.  Following a short vehicle pursuit, the driver finally yielded to the officers near Hillside Blvd and Lawndale Ave.  Upon contact with the driver, it was determined that he was under the influence of alcohol.  It was also determined that he had crashed into the center median of the 1200 block of El Camino Real, which caused damage to his tires.  The driver was arrested and released to a sobering facility with a citation for DUI, Failure to Yield to an Officer, and Hit and Run.

On May 13th officers were on routine patrol and conducted an enforcement stop of a vehicle for displaying tinted windows, a violation of 26708(a)(1) of the CA Vehicle Code.  Upon identifying the driver, Diego Torres-Sanchez-Concha, 20-year-old Pacifica resident, officers learned that he had an outstanding warrant for his arrest for possession of a firearm.  Upon searching the vehicle officers located a firearm concealed underneath the driver’s seat.  It was determined through the officer’s investigation that, the firearm was unregistered, in the possession of a person under the age of 21, in possession of a validated criminal street gang member, and had an extended magazine loaded with greater than 10 rounds of ammunition.  Diego Torres-Sanchez-Concha was arrested for his warrant and multiple new felony firearm possession charges.  He was booked into county jail and posted bail the next morning.  He was released on bail and is pending court proceedings.

Between May 14th and May 20th officers took another 16 cases ranging from grand theft, petty theft, DUI arrests, vehicle collisions, narcotic possession charges, and an assault and battery.

Community Events

5/5/24 Worship Services Mercy Housing
5/11/24 Streets Alive Family Field Day Sterling
5/12/24 Worship Services Mercy Housing
5/15/24 Senior Luncheon CCC
5/19/24 Worship Services Mercy Housing
5/21/24 Vitalant Blood Drive CCC
5/25/24 Memorial Day Grave Decoration Golden Gate National Cemetery
5/26/24 Worship Services Mercy Housing
5/30/24 Mercy Breakfast Mercy Housing


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