Crime Bulletin – November 2023

Posted on December 1, 2023

Information in this report may not include all responses or participation of the Colma Police Department.

Crimes Investigated

In October of 2023, we took 166 reports, slightly up from 158 reports in September.  We arrested 96 people for 74 misdemeanors and 22 felonies; issued 276 criminal, traffic, and parking citations; and conducted 161 traffic enforcement stops. Between November 1st and November 14th, we have already taken 72 reports, made 38 arrests, issued 119 citations, and conducted 81 traffic stops.

On October 15th, officers received a forwarded fraud report from a Southern California police agency.  It was reported that the victim’s personal information was used to purchase a vehicle in the victim’s name.  The suspect conducted an online application and received a loan in the victim’s name.  Due to the officer’s diligent investigation, the suspect has been identified and the vehicle has been returned to the dealership.  A warrant will be requested for the suspect’s arrest.

On October 16th, officers were dispatched to a local retail store for a grand theft investigation.  Responding officers quickly sent out a be on the look out message for the two fleeing suspects.  San Francisco Police Officers recognized the suspects and were able to apprehend one of them in the Tenderloin District the next day.  Colma Detectives responded to San Francisco and booked the suspect into jail for felony burglary and theft charges.  The suspect was released from jail with a court date the next day.  A warrant is pending for the second suspect identified by San Francisco Officers.

Between October 17th and October 20th, officers took another 21 cases which consisted of traffic collisions, thefts, narcotic arrests, warrants arrests, frauds, and conspiracies.  In the morning of October 21st, officers responded to a local auto dealership on the report of a subject who tried to ram a vehicle through their exit gate.  Through the officers and detectives’ investigation, it was determined that there were four Colma cases related to the same two suspects who were attempting to steal vehicles off two different dealership lots.  One suspect has been arrested and is currently in custody in a different county, where he is facing homicide charges.  Charges in San Mateo County on both suspects were filed for the attempted auto thefts and burglaries at our dealerships.

Between October 22nd and October 25th, officers took 26 cases consisting of theft related offenses, stolen vehicles, warrant arrests, narcotic arrests, and robberies.  The seventh case on October 26th was related to a traffic stop conducted by one of our night shift officers.  The officer observed a suspicious vehicle which had heavily tinted windows, in violation of CA Vehicle Code 26708(a)(1).  Upon contacting the occupant, the officer learned that he was on probation and was subject to search and seizure by any law enforcement officer.  Following a search incident to his probation terms, officers located a stolen loaded firearm. It was determined that the firearm was stolen from a residential burglary in the City of Napa.  The suspect was booked into jail, where he was released the next morning with a court date.  Simultaneously, while the suspect was being released from jail, Colma Detectives followed up with Napa Police Detectives and served a search warrant on the suspect’s home in American Canyon, where they located additional evidence of the residential burglary that occurred in the City of Napa.

On October 27th, Colma Officers received an automated license plate reader notification of a felony vehicle entering Colma. The vehicle was associated to an armed robbery that occurred in the city of East Palo Alto earlier that day. The vehicle was located and Colma Officers conducted a high-risk felony stop. The vehicle was occupied by five suspects: an 18-year-old female from East Palo Alto, a 16-year-old female from San Pedro, a 15-year-old male from Redwood City, and two 14-year-old males from Redwood City. All five suspects were detained by officers. A loaded handgun was found concealed on one of the suspects. The East Palo Alto Police Department responded and took custody of all five suspects and took over the investigation. This is a great example of how the police departments within San Mateo County work together.

Between October 28th and the 31st, officers took another 19 cases, one of which was a vehicle that was stolen from our Sterling Park Neighborhood.  Officers determined that the vehicle was stolen from in front of the owner’s home sometime between 0100 hours and 1000 hours on 10-31-23.  The vehicle was later located by the Oakland Police Department. Investigation into this case is ongoing.

November 1st started off with officers taking seven cases, which included a possession of narcotics arrest, warrant arrest, theft arrests, a robbery case, possession of a stolen vehicle case, and a criminal threats arrest.  Between November 2nd and November 11th, officers took another 58 cases which included various thefts, narcotics, and driving under the influence arrests.  During this time frame, one retail establishment was targeted three times by three different organized retail theft groups.  During each crime, the organized groups conspired to seal a significant amount of retail merchandise.  Investigation into these multiple cases is ongoing.

On November 12th at approximately 4:00 am, while officers were on routine patrol in our Sterling Park Neighborhood, they observed a vehicle driving down Clark Ave with significant damage consistent with a traffic collision.  Officers conducted an investigative stop and determined that the driver was under the influence of alcohol.  Officers also followed up on the damage to the vehicle and determined that the driver had just struck a parked vehicle on C Street and then fled the scene.  Officers arrested the driver and issued him a citation for driving a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol, and for failing to stop at the scene of a collision.  The driver was released to medical staff due to minor injuries sustained during the collision.

Community Events

11/4/23 Dia De Los Muertos Festival
11/3/23 Turkey Bowl
11/5/23 Worship Services
11/11/23 Veteran Thank You Bags
11/12/23 Worship Services
11/15/23 Senior Luncheon
11/16/23 SSF Elks Lodge Holiday Dinner
11/19/23 Worship Services
11/21/23 Explorer Academy Graduation
11/22/23 Mercy Thanksgiving Dinner
11/25/23 Holiday Light Show
11/26/23 Worship Services
11/29/23 Mercy Breakfast
11/30/23 Annual Tree Lighting


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