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March 5, 2017
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Please fill out this application for Police and Recreation Department recruitments.
  • Are you 18 years or older? * Required
  • Have you ever been convicted of any violations of the Law, excluding traffic violations and Health and Safety Code sections 11357, 11360, 11364, 11365 or 11550 related to marijuana prior to 01/01/1976? A conviction is not necessarily a bar to employment. Each case will be given individual consideration, based on relevance to the position. * Required
  • Has your Driver License ever been suspended or revoked? * Required
  • Were you ever discharged or forced to resign from any position? * Required
  • Have you ever worked for the Town of Colma? * Required
  • Are you related to any person employed by the Town of Colma? * Required
  • Education and Training

  • High School Graduate? * Required
  • High School Equivalency? * Required
  • Employment History

  • Starting with the present or most recent experience, provide the following information for all employment during the past 10 years. You may attach a resume or a supplemental sheet, but this section must be completed. Include volunteer employment, if applicable.
  • May we contact the employers listed below?
  • Employment History cont.

  • Employment History cont.

  • References

  • Please list the name and contact information of a former employer, teacher, instructor, mentor or family friend. Please do not list family members.
  • File Upload

  • Please feel free to upload any additional information. I.E. resume, cover letter, letters of recommendation, certificates, etc.
  • Drop files here or

    • (Carefully read before signing): I certify that the information contained in this application is correct to the best of my knowledge and understand that falsification of this application in any detail is grounds for disqualification or dismissal from employment. I agree to conform to the rules and regulations of the Town of Colma. I consent to inquiries regarding my past employment. I further understand that I may be fingerprinted, required to submit to a complete medical and/or psychological examination, and to furnish such proof of eligibility to work in the United States and education as may be requested, or otherwise investigated prior to appointment. I release all parties and persons connected with any request for information from all claims, liabilities and damages for whatever reason arising out of furnishing this information. DISABLED APPLICANTS: The Human Resources Office may have resources to assist you in the exam process. If you have special needs, please call 650.997.8300. EOE
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