Town Wide Garage Sale 2022

AprApril 23 2022

Town Wide Garage Sale Flyer

Sign up at the Colma Community Center for the 8th Annual Town Wide Garage Sale. each Colma resident who signs up for the Town Wide Garage Sale will host their own sale at their address. Once the Recreation Services Department has received all the names and addresses of the the participants, we will advertise out the Town Wide Garage Sale through various media outlets to all potential shoppers. At the time of sign-up, the Recreation Services Department will ask for a list of each big-ticket item, such as a refrigerator, couch, television, etc. Prior to the day of the event we will provide a list of participating addresses and their big ticket items to potential shoppers. There is no cost to the event; we just ask that everyone who intends on having a garage sale sign up at the Colma Community Center. For more information, please contact us at 650-985-5678.



Selling is open to Colma Residents only, but all are welcome to come by and shop

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