FY 2012-13 ADA Transition Plan Update

In Fiscal Year 2012-13 the Transition Plan identified improving accessibility primarily at Town Hall, Town Hall Annex and the Community Center. The estimated cost to remove these barriers was $211,000. The actual barrier removal cost was approximately $26,000.

At the March City Council meeting, City Council amended the ADA Transition Plan postponing all ADA work scheduled at Town Hall until a comprehensive review could be conducted, completed and presented to City Council in fiscal year 2013-14. At this time City Council is working with Town staff to develop a plan to remodel Town Hall making all of the facilities services and programs accessible. In the interim, City Council meetings will be held at the Colma Community Center, 1520 Hillside Blvd., Colma, CA 94014 and accessible Town services will be provided at Town Hall Annex, 1188 El Camino Real, Colma, CA 94014.

The Town also surveyed Mission Road and Collins Avenue for ADA deficiencies, provided ADA customer service training to Town staff, and had the Historical Museum inspected and surveyed by a CASp specialist. The Town will work towards correcting the deficiencies found on Mission Road and Collins Avenue.

Check the Physical Barrier’s Removed document that details the accessibility issue, action taken, and the estimated and actual cost of removing the barrier.

For information regarding accessible services at Town Hall please contact the ADA Coordinator at 650-997-8300.

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