FY 2014-15 ADA Transition Plan Update

In Fiscal Year 2014-15 the Transition Plan identified improving accessibility in the Sterling Park neighborhood and at the Sterling Park recreation center. The estimated cost to remove these barriers was $40,500. No funds were directly applied to the ADA Barrier Removal program.

The curb ramps in the Sterling Park neighborhood were re-evaluated for compliance under the ADA in January 2015. It was determined by a certified access specialist that many of the curb ramps were compliant under the ADA per the 1994 California Accessibility Reference Manual standards at the time they were constructed. However a few of the curb ramps were found to be greater than the permitted 8.33% slope, but due to the grade of the area it would be difficult to achieve the less than 8.33% slope. Therefore, the Town is in the process of redirecting ADA funding to areas in greater need of accessibility and physical barrier removal, and has deferred correcting these ramps to an undetermined future CIP project.

The door thresholds at the Sterling Park Recreation Center were scheduled to be replaced and brought into compliance under the ADA; however new thresholds were installed in fiscal year 2013-14.

Check the Physical Barrier’s Removed document that details the accessibility issue, action taken, and the estimated and actual cost of removing the barrier.

For information regarding accessible services at Town Hall please contact the ADA Coordinator at 650-997-8300.

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