Green Building

Green building practices during the design, construction, renovation and maintenance of businesses and homes increase energy efficiency, water conservation and reduce waste.   Green building improves indoor air quality and is healthier for the environment.

What are the Impacts of using green building practices? 

  • Lower electric and water utility costs
  • Improved indoor air quality that enhances health
  • Increased productivity
  • Long-term economic returns
  • Higher values at resale of home or business
  • Reduced environmental impact
  • Sustainable use of building materials preserves natural resources

Why should we use green building practices? 

Because 38% of our greenhouse gas emissions in Colma comes from energy consumption in our businesses and homes. Green building practices can reduce carbon pollution and meet greenhouse gas reduction mandates.

Isn’t Green Building more expensive?

No, when green building practices are included early in the planning stages of a construction project, studies show that they are typically the same cost as non-green practices. There is also the added benefit of saving energy, water and sewer costs and reducing waste to the landfill. Studies show that green building has a strong return on investment and saves residents and businesses money.

What is the best source for finding residential green building information? 

Build it Green provides resources, checklists, green product suppliers, training, and green building professionals directories.

The Ask an Expert Hotline provides customized responses to a variety of green building questions for building professionals and the general public. This service is funded for PG&E customers.  Ask an Expert

What is the best source for finding commercial green building information? 

Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) is the best resource for commercial projects. LEED was developed by the United States Green Building Council.

Is the Town of Colma using green building practices on Town buildings?

Yes, the Town includes green building practices in the construction and renovation of town buildings and facilities. Currently, the Town is including green building practices in the renovation of Town Hall

For more information on green building, contact Colma’s Sustainability Manager at

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