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Posted on April 1, 2023

City Manager’s Update
Brian Dossey, City Manager

At the March 22, City Council meeting the Council approved the 2023 – 2025 Strategic Plan. The Strategic Plan is the City Council’s vision for the future of Colma, and will focus on programs surrounding resiliency, operations, economic development, community and capital.  For more information on the 2023-2025 Strategic Plan, please visit,

As we move into Spring that means it’s Budget season for the Town of Colma. Staff is currently working on the upcoming Fiscal Year 2023-24 budget. While the Town rebounded nicely from the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, experiencing an increase in sales tax revenue in FY2021-22; however, with inflation continuing to rise and the uncertainty in the stock markets and banking system, staff is projecting a flattening or decrease in sales tax revenue in FY2023-2024.  Also, with rising costs, and the addition of going to a 24 hours per day, 7 days per week police dispatch center, the FY2023-24 budget will have its challenges, however staff is cautiously optimistic that it can present a full-service budget to the City Council. For more information on the Town’s budget, I encourage you to visit
or join us for our April 26 City Council meeting as the Council will hear the first of four budget presentations over the next couple of months.

After all the storms this past winter and as we move into spring, and the sun begins to shine, we’ll start to see a fair amount of weeds here and there throughout the Town. Please be a good neighbor and manage the weeds on and around your property. While everyone likes to see a beautiful yard, no one likes to see a yard full of weeds.

Also, now that the weather is changing and everyone wants to be outside once again, as a friendly reminder, please remember to clean up after your furry family members as you are walking with them through the neighborhoods. The Town provides dog waste bags throughout the community to make it easier for dog owners to pick up the waste. After all it’s just good petiquette!

Happy Spring!

Recreation Services Department Update
Angelika Abellana, Recreation Manager

As we transition into the Spring season, we are happy to announce some great events that we have scheduled for the community. This Spring some events we have to offer are:

  • Town Wide Garage Sale – Saturday, April 15, 2023
    With garage sales located throughout the Verano and Sterling Park Neighborhood, residential areas of Colma will be filled with bargain hunting customers! This is a great opportunity to sell old and unwanted items you no longer wish to own. Remember, your old unwanted items may be considered a treasure to someone else.
  • Junk in the Trunk – Saturday, April 15, 2023
    Want to sell but don’t have the space at home or not enough stuff to sell at our Annual Garage Sale? Sign up at the Colma Community Center for our very first Junk in the Trunk event! Sellers will be given a parking spot in our parking lot to park their car and sell items right out of their trunk. No businesses will be permitted to sell at this event.
  • Compost Giveaway – May 4, 2022 to May 11, 2022
    Stop by the Colma Community Center during our free compost giveaway. Bring your own shovels, gloves, and containers. Please practice social distancing and masks are required.
  • Town Wide Clean Up – Saturday, May 20, 2023
    After your garage sale, bring any unsold items or unwanted recyclables, trash or debris to our collection center at the Corp Yard at 601 F Street, between 8:30am-12pm. This is your chance to remove items stored in your yard and contribute to keeping our community clean and attractive. Also, Town Wide Clean Up Day is your opportunity to take pride in your Town by helping fellow residents and staff in cleaning up the streets of Colma, including areas around the Colma Creek. Participants and staff will also walk various locations in Colma picking up trash and recycling materials, and afterwards we will celebrate our clean town with a family fun BBQ at Sterling Park. Volunteers need to register for the Town Wide Clean Up Day at the Colma Community Center by May 13, 2023.
  • Earth Day Recycling Event– Saturday, May 20, 2023
    We are partnering with Republic Services to bring the community an environmentally safe way to remove your unwanted electronics, household garbage and recycling drop off. In addition, there will be a shredding truck, to shred your paper items. This event is for Town of Colma Residents, Colma ID’s will be checked. Residents will queue in vehicle and be responsible for unloading materials.

Also don’t forget to join Colma Recreation Staff for our annual Family Field Day! This event emphasizes outdoor recreation and activity! Enjoy public spaces and to participate in a day filled with field activities for you and your family at Sterling Park. Play family friendly games such as soccer, kickball, and field games. We will provide a light lunch and refreshments, and all the equipment needed for your family to enjoy the day. The event will take place on Saturday, May 6th from 11:00pm – 2:00pm at Sterling Park Recreation Center. Please RSVP for this event at the Colma Community Center – (650) 985-5678.

Information on programs listed above are in the May – August 2023 Recreation Guide which will be on your website mid-April. If you have any questions, suggestions for programs, or comments regarding the Recreation Services Department, please feel free to contact me (650) 985-5682, or at

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