LiveWire – February 2024

Posted on February 1, 2024

 City Manager’s Update
Daniel Barros, City Manager

It’s 2024… and that means Colma is celebrating 100 years of being incorporated as Town in San Mateo County.  Colma has seen a lot of change and progress over the past 100 years that deserve to be celebrated amongst the community. To celebrate Colma’s Centennial, the Town is planning a series of events throughout this year to properly highlight the rich history and celebrate our past, present, and future to come!

We will be kicking off the celebrations in June with the Colma Fair, a small parade from F Street to the Colma Community Center showcasing our business community, local dignitaries, staff and an array of priceless stakeholders of the Town.  Additionally, in July the Town will be hosting a Town Business Mixer, followed by 100th Year Anniversary Town Picnic in the Fall that will not be anything like years past.  In addition to these wonderful events planned this year, the Town has also commissioned the services of a local artist who has been making incredible progress on the F Street Wall which encapsulates the towns rich history over the past 100 years.  The mural is anticipated to be completed by April of 2024 and we could not be more excited to see the finished product.

The upcoming centennial celebrations would not be possible without the overwhelming support and sponsorship contributions from our vibrant business community.  The Town is truly grateful to have such a tight-knit business community, that together with Town staff and residents alike, we are all part of the Colma family.   As a token of our appreciation, the sponsoring businesses will have centennial sponsorship banners hung in place of the holiday banners on light poles around Town for the duration of the year!

This year especially, it’s great to be alive in Colma! Come celebrate with us!

Mural Progress on F Street!
Daniel Barros, City Manager

A committee composed of council members, staff, and community members selected Julie Engelmann (@artbyjul_) to design and construct a mural representing the rich history throughout 100 years of Colma.  The committee interviewed 3 professional artist, all well qualified in their field with diverse expertise, experience and backgrounds.  However, Julie’s work unanimously won over the committee.

Julie is about 20% of the way done with the mural, with the full and final completion anticipated later this spring in April. As you can already see the way it is coming together, her use of color so vibrantly captures the architecture and history of Colma as the F Street Wall comes to life through her art!  Over the next few months, drive slow through F street as you approach El Camino, check out the artwork, wave to Julie, and watch the progress unfold before your eyes!

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