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Posted on January 2, 2024

City Manager’s Update
Daniel Barros, City Manager

Are you interested in trying the fastest growing sport in America?  Get your paddle ready, it’s time to play Pickleball!  Pickleball is a racket sport derived from a mashup of Badminton, Tennis, and Ping Pong.  It is a fun, social game extremely easy to learn and geared to all ages and all abilities.  Typically played as a 2 on 2 sport on a court half the size of a typical tennis court, pickleball is low impact on the body while providing a moderate cardio workout.

The recent Pandemic highlighted the importance of staying active and finding accessible recreational activities to stay fit and have fun with the whole family.  Pickleball quickly took the world by storm since 2020, becoming the fastest growing sport in the world.  Its popularity grew largely in part by how much fun the game is to play, but also how accessible it is for people of all ages and abilities.  Pickleball is extremely popular in the senior communities as it offers a recreational activity and the opportunity to stay active, tap into one’s competitive edge, and remain social with other like-minded members of the community.

The Town of Colma’s Recreation Services Department will be offering many opportunities for the public to learn and play the great game of pickleball this upcoming year.  We have already begun to offer an outdoor court at Sterling Park for those already accustomed to the sport with their own equipment on a first come, first serve basis.  Additionally, the Recreation Services Department will be offering Pickleball indoors at the Colma Community Center during select days during the week beginning in January 2024.  Stay tuned to Town Social Media platforms and our website for announcements of upcoming pickleball activities throughout town!

Thank you Town of Colma Public Works Maintenance!
Brad Donohue, Director of Public Works

From my Department to those who reside and conduct business in the Town of Colma, we all hope you had a safe and relaxing Holiday season!

I felt that I wanted to once again highlight the great work and efforts that the Public Works maintenance crew does year in and year out!  Town Public Works Crew are always in the background of every event from Town sponsored activities to seasonal disruptions brought on by weather. They are reliable, accountable and always there when needed.   This year I would like to spend a little bit of time talking about the efforts that our Public Works Maintenance staff put forth in keeping the Town up and running. The Public Works Maintenance Department is head by Louis Gotelli, Public Works Supervisor, Vicente Gonzales and Ryan Rodriguez.  What’s impressive about this team of workers, as a group, is that they have been together for over 17 years. In a world where workers come and go, this group of workers have found ways to keep purpose and meaning in serving the Town Public Works Maintenance needs.

Throughout the year the Public Works Maintenance staff supports and maintains the various facilities in Town, making sure the facilities, the Towns vehicle and equipment fleet are in good working order. The PW Crew also deals with more complex issues with maintaining HVAC, plumbing and electrical systems and Janitorial oversight in the various Town Facilities.

The crew also maintains the Towns Right of Ways (Streets, sidewalks and landscaping features) Their responsibilities include street sweeping, street repairs and stripping, landscape maintenance oversight, storm drainage, and being first responders to sanitary sewer issues, maintenance and repairs to streetlights and signals and responding to weather related damage such as fallen trees and flooding issues.  If that is not enough, they are committed to County Wide programs and training programs that keep the Town in compliance with laws and mandates that are instituted at the State and County level.  This and many more items are accomplished by a 3-man crew!

To have a crew that values their job and the responsibility that comes with it and a dedication to the Town they work in and a commitment to the community is unheard of in today’s world, a world that has gravitated to a “what’s in it for me attitude”.  Day in and day out they give their best and it shows.  I can honestly say the Town is very privileged to have such a dedicated team and I am indeed the fortunate one to have the pleasure to work with a crew like the one the Town has in their Public Works
Maintenance Department.  If you see the PW Crew around Town please give them a wave, they will appreciate recognizing their efforts!

From me and the Public Works and Engineering Department in Colma, it is our wish and hope that you all have a safe and prosperous New Year!

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