LiveWire – July 2022

Posted on July 1, 2022

City Manager’s Update
Brian Dossey, City Manager
With Summer comes the Town’s new fiscal year – which begins July 1. In preparation for the new fiscal year, the City Council approves the Town’s annual budget in June. The annual budget hearing is the culmination of many months of hard work by Colma staff, and the document reflects the Council’s commitment to providing high quality services to our residents.
The good news is that the Town’s financial picture is starting to look better and better as we continue to emerge from the pandemic and the Town is expected to receive revenues similar to pre-covid 19 revenues as the economy continues to recover. However, we are still budgeted to operate in a budget deficit in fiscal year 2022-23 due in large part to an aggressive Capital Improvement Program. This will require the Town to use a portion of the reserves to balance the budget. Once again, the good news is due to the City Council’s financial prudence over the years and staff’s hard work and commitment, there are reserves that the Town can draw from for one time purchases like Capital projects (i.e. roadway resurfacing, vehicle purchases, and beautification and landscape projects).
For FY 2022-23 the Town anticipates receiving $22.76 million in revenues for all funds and spending $24.72 million in Operating ($19.84 million) and Capital ($4.60 million) expenditures. The budget also expects a transfer of $1.95 million from the General Fund to finance the Capital Improvement Projects and debt service.
For more information on the budget please visit the Town’s website at
With the Summer in full swing we are excited to bring back the Summer Community Fair at the Colma Community Center on July 9 from 11:00am-3:00pm. Please come by for music, food, craft booths, kids activities and more. For more information, please contact 650-985-5678. We hope to see you there.
Police Department Update
John Munsey, Chief of Police
The men and women of the Colma Police Department are hoping you are looking forward to summer vacation and going to head out on some summer trips. Summer is always an exciting time with lots of fun to be had. We do worry about your safety and want to do our part in making summer the best it can be. Below are some tips to consider when planning or participating in summer activities.
Home Safety Tips
• Lock your doors, including the garage door. Unlocked doors are open invitations to intruders.
• Ask a trusted family member, friend, or neighbor to keep a watchful eye on your home or have your mail held at the local post office until your return.
• Put lights on timers to give the impression that someone is home.
• Don’t post on social media that you are leaving town, and wait to post photos after you return from your trip.
Vacation Tips
• Be friendly but be vigilant. Watch for and report any suspicious behavior.
• Plan your route – stay within well-traveled routes and walk in groups. There’s safety in numbers.
• Keep your belongings secure – Purses should be securely closed, backpacks are zipped, and wallets are kept in your front pocket. When dining in restaurants do not hang your purse or backpack on the back of your chair.
Tips for Parents
• Be proactive – make a backup plan in case the group gets separated during a family outing and have a scheduled meeting place and time.
• If your child or teen will be alone a significant amount of time, have him/her check in with you if they plan to leave the house and when they arrive back home.
Car Safety Tips
• Always lock your doors and roll up your windows when you leave your car.
• Do not leave valuables in the car. If you must leave prized possessions in your vehicle keep them out of sight or hidden in the trunk.
• Before you get into your car, check the backseat and around the car. Lock your doors once inside the car.
Lastly, please let us know if you are going to be out of town, we will conduct extra patrols of your residence. You can go online at the below link and fill out a Vacation Home Check Request or call us at (650) 997-8321. 

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