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Posted on July 3, 2023

City Manager’s Update
Brian Dossey, City Manager

With Summer comes the Town’s new fiscal year – which begins July 1. In preparation for the new fiscal year, the City Council approves the Town’s annual budget in June. The annual budget hearing is the culmination of many months of hard work by Colma staff, and the document reflects the Council’s commitment to providing high quality services to our residents.

The good news is that the Town’s financial picture continues to be strong. However, we are still budgeted to operate in a budget deficit in fiscal year 2023-24 due in large part to our Capital Improvement Program and in anticipation of employee leave payouts due to potential retirements. This will require the Town to use a portion of the reserves to balance the operating budget. Once again, the good news is due to the City Council’s financial prudence over the years and staff’s hard work and commitment, there are reserves that the Town can draw from for one time purchase like Capital projects (i.e. roadway resurfacing, vehicle purchases, and beautification and landscape projects).

For FY 2023-24 the Town anticipates receiving $23.29 million in revenues for all funds and spending $23.67 million in Operating ($19.56 million) and Capital ($1.14 million) expenditures. The budget also expects a transfer of $1.31 million from the General Fund to finance Capital Improvement Projects, parking enforcement and debt service.

The FY 2023-24 Budget anticipates using $1.51 million in the General Fund Reserves to balance the budget. For more information on the budget please visit the Town’s website at

With the Summer in full swing we are excited to host the Summer Community Fair at the Colma Community Center on July 8 from 11:00am-3:00pm. Please come by for music, food, craft booths, kids activities and more. For more information, please contact 650-985-5678. We hope to see you there.

Summer Safety Tips
John Munsey, Chief of Police

The men and woman of the Colma Police Department hope you are looking forward to summer. Summer is always an exciting time with lots of fun to be had. We do worry about your safety and want to do our part in making summer the best it can be. Below are some tips to consider when planning or participating in summer activities.

Tips for Homeowners

  • Keep doors in your home closed and locked including your garage doors. An open door is an invitation.
  • Be a good neighbor and alert police to any unusual activity in your neighborhood.
  • Plan for vacation by having your mail and newspapers stopped or having a neighbor pick them up. Leave inside lights on timers to create the impression that your house is occupied. Be sure to set your alarm system. Have a lawn service or neighbor mow your lawn.
  • Avoid home improvement scams and deception burglaries by taking a proactive approach. Be particularly alert to anyone in your neighborhood looking to perform home repair and asking to gain entry into your home. Ask to see identification and let them know you are going to call and get verification from their company before allowing them inside. If they are legitimate, they won’t mind the wait.

Tips for Drivers

  • Do not leave valuables or cash in your car. If you must leave items in the car, lock them in the trunk. If you have folding rear seats, make sure those are locked, too.
  • Be alert for children playing in neighborhoods and residential areas. Young children may be more concerned about catching a ball that rolls into the street than watching for vehicles coming toward them.
  • Drive safely and slowly around parks and playgrounds. More children are out playing during the summer.

Tips for Parents

  • Provide a list of phone numbers of neighbors, family and friends that your child can call in an emergency. Make sure your child knows how to dial 911 and when it is appropriate to do so.
  • Know the route your child will take to and from a given location. Remind your child never to take a shortcut or deviate from the agreed-upon route.
  • Establish rules for using the Internet. Children should have adult supervision when online. Make sure your child knows to never give out personal information on the Internet.
  • Require your child to check in with a parent before leaving the house and when returning home. Teach your child that there is safety in numbers and that it is best to be with a group of friends when going places without an adult.
  • Provide a bike helmet and require your child to wear it, as well as brightly colored or reflective clothing.

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