LiveWire — March 2019

Posted on March 1, 2019


Brian Dossey, City Manager

The City Council adopted the 2017-2019 Strategic Plan in October 2016, directing staff on the goals and priority programs for the next three years.  At the February 6th City Council meeting, staff presented the annual Strategic Plan update.  Staff updated the Council on the five Priority Program Areas; Significant Mandates, Town Operations, Economic Development, Financial Planning, and Quality of Life.  Staff was pleased to report the many accomplishments over the past year and set goals for the remainder of 2019.  For more details about the Strategic Plan Update please go to

You may have noticed improved security features at the Colma Community Center, Sterling Park Recreation Center and the Colma Historical Museum.  During the month of January, the Town upgraded fire and burglar alarm systems which includes indoor and outdoor security cameras.  The cameras were installed to improve public safety, provide additional protection to our staff, and to also protect Town resources around our Parks.

The Sterling Park Recreation Center Playground Project was just completed, and we encourage all children to enjoy the new features of the paly area.  The playground which is rated for children 5-12 years of age, has multiple slides, climbing platforms, and bridges.  The area also includes newly expanded picnic area, as well as a par course fitness cluster in the grass area on the E Street side of the park.  We hope everyone enjoys the playground and park upgrades for many years to come.

Also, Mayor Joanne F. del Rosario presented the Town’s “State of Our City” address on February 27th which highlighted the Towns many achievements (i.e. Town Hall) over this past year and presented the many challenges (i.e. Rising Health and Pension costs) that face the City in 2019.  All in all, the theme was positive and as she stated that she is “excited to work with her fellow Council members and staff bringing vital programs to the community, while maintaining infrastructure and working to improve the economic outlook for the residents of Colma.”



Kirk Stratton, Chief of Police

 Unfortunately, violent intruder or active shooter incidents are far too common in the United States, and just last year there was an incident less than five miles away from Colma in San Bruno, at the YouTube offices. These incidents can happen anywhere and anytime therefore, the Colma Police Department will be hosting active shooter response training for civilians in early summer. Please watch for the date in the May or June LiveWire.  However, there are many training videos and literature online (i.e. on how to survive an active shooter situation and what to expect during a law enforcement response. Regardless of any training you may receive, your plan should include:

  • RUN and escape,if possible.
  • HIDE, if escape is not possible.
  • FIGHT as an absolute last resort, and only when your life is in imminent danger. DO NOT seek out the shooter.

A violent intruder or active shooter is an individual actively engaged in attempting to do grave bodily harm to a person in a confined and populated area; in most cases, violent intruders use firearms(s) and there is no pattern or method to their selection of victims. These incidents are uniquely terrifying because they occur without warning in the most mundane places. Most of the victims are chosen not for what they have done but simply for where they happen to be.

What to expect from Law Enforcement in a Violent Intruder/Active Shooter Incident:

  • Law enforcement’s immediate focus is to stop the active shooter as soon as possible.
  • The first officers to arrive at the scene will not stop to help injured persons because their first priority is life safety. They will need to secure the scene first.
  • Officers will likely be in various types of uniforms, external bullet proof vests, Kevlar helmets and other tactical equipment, and even in street clothes.
  • Expect that officers will treat the entire area as a crime scene and everyone with suspicion.
  • Law enforcement will establish secure assembly points and will question all witnesses.
  • Remain calm, and do not pull or respond to the fire alarm unless instructed to do so by official law enforcement personnel.

If you have any questions regarding a violent intruder incident or for more information, please contact the Colma police Department at 650-997-8321.  Also, please watch for the training in the early part of summer.

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