PD Press Release – 06.19.20

Posted on June 19, 2020

Author and ID #: Chief Stratton, C2

The police department’s Use of Force Policy is a critical policy that provides guidelines on the reasonable and lawful use of force by officers. The Colma Police Department frequently reviews policies to assure staff is providing best practices that are legal and worthy of community trust. The Department recognizes and respects the value of all human life and dignity without prejudice to anyone. Vesting officers with the authority to use reasonable force and to protect the public welfare requires monitoring, evaluation, and a careful balancing of all interests.

Recent national focus on use of force issues has caused the Colma Police Department to initiate a further review of the department’s Use of Force Policy, which was last updated on March 2020, to reflect changes as a result of AB392. Among topics reviewed was the use of the carotid control hold which involves placing pressure on the carotid artery to restrain a violent or combative individual intending to harm officers or others.

Based on this review, and effective immediately, use of the carotid control hold is suspended. In considering this decision the Colma Police Department recognizes there are other use of force techniques available to officers that are effective and safer to implement. California Governor Newsom also issued an Executive Order discontinuing academy training on the use of the carotid control hold.

The Colma Police Department welcomes and is willing to be part of discussions to improve law enforcement with community leaders, elected officials, and other community members.

Kirk Stratton
Chief of Police

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