Press Release: First Responder Tests Positive for COVID

Posted on March 27, 2020


Today’s Date: 03/27/2020

Authored By: Sergeant D. Marchetti #C16

Police Department Employee Tests Positive for COVID-19

Colma, CA – A first responder with the Colma Police Department has tested positive for COVID-19. The infected employee was off-duty when they began running a fever and recognized additional symptoms that were consistent with the Coronavirus. The employee did not return to work and was tested for the virus. The laboratory results confirmed the employee tested positive for COVID-19.

It is unknown how the employee contracted the virus. The employee is isolated at home recovering and has not been hospitalized.

Prior to the employee becoming ill, the department underwent a deep cleaning of the entire station and began implementing a station-wide sanitization protocol twice a day. Following the confirmation that an employee had tested positive for the virus, the department initiated a self-monitoring protocol for all employees, which includes conducting a minimum of two temperature checks, prior to and upon the completion of their shifts; conducting a general assessment of their health prior to their shift; and daily reporting to the on-duty Watch Commander of their health status.

While multiple employees were identified as having had contact with the infected employee, the contact was determined to be of low risk exposure. The exposed employees were notified and are performing constant health monitoring.

The infected employee did not have any contact with community members on-duty before becoming ill, but in an abundance of caution, the department has begun providing notification to any community members that the employee may have had recent contact with prior to the illness.

To respect the employee’s privacy, no additional details will be provided at this time.

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