2. Branding and Marketing Program

A. Objective Description:  Branding Campaign – Conduct Professional Services Procurement Process  

The 2012 Economic Development Plan identified several strategies within the framework of the study. One of the strategies was to create Branding and Promotional Materials emphasizing Colma’s commercial activities. Phase 1 of the project will be to prepare a Request for Proposal (RFP) and hire a consultant to develop a community branding campaign. The process will involve local outreach, surveys, interviews with business leaders, and other research, and utilizing this information to establish creative options for the community’s brand. Phase 2 will be to launch an expanded image and branding campaign highlighting Colma’s brand through logo, marketing brochures, letterhead, streetlight banners, promotional campaigns, advertisements and tag lines. This program was identified as a priority program on the 2020-22 Strategic Plan however it was delayed due to Covid pandemic and change in priorities. The City Council also put this project on hold in June 2022. 

STATUS (as of 6/30/23):  The Branding campaign continues to be a program in the Strategic Plan and is funded for FY2023-24, however it remains “on hold.” Staff will revisit the Branding campaign at the next Strategic Plan update in early 2024.

B.  Objective Description:  Determine Feasibility and Process for New CalTrans Signage 

This objective is to build consensus with the business community along Serramonte Blvd. in an effort to change the name of the roadway to Serramonte Auto Row. Assuming consensus is established and Serramonte Blvd. name has been changed, staff will petition CalTrans for the street name change on southbound highway 280 at the Serramonte Blvd. exit. 

STATUS (as of 6/30/23): Staff has fleshed out the scope and concepts for the proposed name change, and has received some preliminary feedback from some dealerships.  Next steps:

  • Prepare and conduct a presentation of the proposal for all potentially affected business;
  • Reach out to adjacent communities for feedback and input;
  • Establish a formal consensus process to determine feasibility for businesses;
  • If businesses indicate agreement with and support for the proposal, seek City Council approval of the name change;
  • Request approval of signage changes on Hwy 280.
C.  Objective Description:  Develop Options for a New Town-Owned and Operated Freeway Sign 

Staff was directed to research the feasibility of a freeway sign along highway 280 promoting the Town of Colma commercial areas. Staff will have to engage with CalTrans and possibly a consultant to determine feasibility. e future, some housing could be included in a mixed-use development plan.

STATUS (as of 6/30/23): Preliminary reconnaissance of municipality-owned signs was completed in Q2-2023.  Additional research and analysis is on hold pending next steps on objective 2-b.

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