Colma Administrative Code – Chapter 1 – Organization, Functions & General Provisions

Chapter 1.01 General Provisions
Chapter 1.02 City Council Protocols
Chapter 1.03 Value Based Code of Conduct
Chapter 1.04 Guidelines for Responding to Requests for Inspection or Copying of Public Records
Chapter 1.05 Guidelines for Publication of Town Newsletters
Chapter 1.06 RESERVED
Chapter 1.07 Records Retention Policy
Chapter 1.08 Risk Management Program
Chapter 1.09 RESERVED
Chapter 1.10 Master Fee Schedule
Chapter 1.11 Website Policy
Chapter 1.12 Identity Theft Prevention Program
Chapter 1.13 RESERVED
Chapter 1.14 Water Conservation Incentive Program
Chapter 1.15 Sustainability Policy
Chapter 1.16 Criminal History Information and Access
Chapter 1.17 Social Media Policy

Chapter 1.18 Display of Flags

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