I would like to do an addition onto my home in the Sterling Park neighborhood. What are the requirements and restrictions?

Most of the properties in the Sterling Park neighborhood are zoned Residential – Sterling Park or R-S.  

Some specific considerations:

  • The minimum lot size is 33.3 feet wide, but some lots are narrower or wider. Please contact the Planning Department for lot dimensions or you can find your lot by looking at the San Mateo County Assessor’s website and type in your address.
  • Side setbacks are 10% of the lot width, but be aware that a side setback of less than 5 feet may trigger building code limitations.
  • The Town has created a setback diagram which can assist you with the limits of an addition onto your home.  
  • Any addition which would add a 5th bedroom requires an additional covered parking space behind the front setback.  Since many homes only have a one car garage and do not have space to add an additional parking space, most homes cannot exceed four bedrooms.
  • Paving in the front yard is limited to no more than 40% of the front yard area.
  • Front yard fencing cannot exceed 4 feet in height.

Please contact the Planning Department at (650) 757-8888 for property specific zoning information.


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