How do I safely dispose of chemicals?

Colma residents (and all San Mateo County residents) can dispose their Household Hazardous Waste chemicals at approved facilities through the San Mateo County Environmental Health Department.

San Mateo County Environmental Health Department sponsors a FREE county-wide program to collect, recycle and properly dispose of household hazardous waste. HHW Collections are held virtually every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday (except Holiday weekends) at the permanent facility in San Mateo. Additional collections are held in many other locations throughout the County. Make an appointment online or call Environmental Health at (650) 363-4718 and select option 3.

Accepted Materials (FREE!)

  •       Oil-based paints, varnishes and stains
  •       Paint thinner
  •       Household cleaning chemicals
  •       Aerosol spray cans (except food grade products like cooking oil sprays)
  •       Furniture and metal polishes
  •       Garden fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides
  •       Pool and spa chemicals
  •       Photographic chemicals
  •       Art and hobby supplies
  •       Automotive Products
  •       Batteries (home & car)
  •       Fuels
  •       Propane tanks from barbecues
  •       Fluorescent bulbs and tubes
  •       Old thermometers

The following is a list of materials that are not accepted by the San Mateo County Environmental Health Department.

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