Does the Town require a business license?

Under Colma Municipal Code Section 4.01.040(d), contractors and subcontractors not based in Colma, not soliciting repeated work in the Town, and working on a single, one-time construction project within the Town of Colma are not required to register or pay a business registration tax.

However, a business license is required to conduct regular business within the Town of Colma, even if your physical office is located outside Town limits.  Business license taxes help pay for street maintenance, police, and other services that benefit businesses and the general public.

You need a business license if your business is physically located within Colma or you conduct business regularly within the Colma Town limits. You must obtain a business license certificate on or before the date the business commences.

If you have any questions please contact Jonathan Kwan at (650) 757-8898 or visit the Town of Colma Planning Department, located at 1190 El Camino Real, Monday through Friday, 8:00 am – 5:00 pm

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