What are the various zoning districts in Town?

Cemetery (G):  A majority of the Town is zoned for Cemetery.  This zone also allows for related uses such as flower sales and monument manufacturing.  Agricultural uses are also permitted.  Golf related activities are conditionally permitted.

Executive/Administrative Office (E): This zone allows for office uses, monument sales and flower sales. The properties with this zoning category are along the El Camino Real corridor.

Commercial (C):  The commercial zone conditionally allows for commercial uses of all types. The Commercial zone also conditionally allows for multi-family residential uses in areas where it is permitted in the General Plan – along Mission Road and by the Colma BART station. Primary commercial areas include Serramonte Boulevard, Junipero Serra Boulevard, Mission Road, the Colma Boulevard corridor, and portions of Collins Avenue.

Residential (R and R-S):  The Town has two single family residential zones.  The “R” zone includes a small number of homes located on Hillside Boulevard, just south of Lawndale Boulevard. The “R-S” zone is the zoning for the Sterling Park residential neighborhood.

Planned Development (PD): The Town has many individual sites that have site specific “PD” zoning.  Planned Developments can include any land use which is consistent with the zoning which precedes the PD zoning.

Please contact the Planning Department at (650) 757-8888 for property specific zoning information or you can also look at the Town’s zoning map.  

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