What are the administrative requirements?

Self-Evaluation: The ADA requires the Town to evaluate its services, policies and practices to determine barriers to accessibility and proceed to make necessary corrections to remove those barriers. The self-evaluation must be publicly available for three years following its completion.

ADA Transition Plan: The Town’s ADA Transition Plan identifies structural modifications to facilities that are necessary to achieve program accessibility. The transition plan contains the information set forth below. Public entities having responsibility over streets, roads or walkways must include a curb ramp installation schedule in their transition plan, the Town’s plan includes this schedule.

  • A list of physical barriers that limit access to services, programs and activities;
  • A detailed outline of the methods to be utilized to remove these barriers andmake facilities accessible and a schedule for doing so; and
  • The name of the official responsible for the plan’s implementation.(2) Grievance Procedure: The ADA requires the Town to adopt a grievance procedure through which any person can file a complaint of disability discrimination with the Town. The grievance procedure includes the following information:
    • A description of how and where a complaint under Title II may be filed with the government entity;
    • If a written complaint is required, a statement notifying potential complainants that alternative means of filing will be available to people with disabilities who require such an alternative;
    • A description of the time frames and processes to be followed by the complainant and the government entity;
  • Information on how to appeal an adverse decision; and
  • A statement of how long complaint files will be retained.
  • Designation of Town of Colma ADA Coordinator: Under Title II of the ADA, all public entities must designate a person or persons whose job it is to mediate complaints and to ensure compliance with the ADA and other disability rights laws. The Town of Colma has designated Brian Dossey, whose contact information is set forth below, as the ADA Coordinator.The ADA Coordinator works to ensure all Town Departments comply with the Town’s ADA policies by: providing technical assistance to support departmental compliance with federal, state and local disability access laws; assisting departments in evaluating their facilities, programs, services, and activities to ensure provision of reasonable accommodations to people with disabilities; conducting training for Town of Colma employees in disability awareness, disability etiquette, disability access laws, and reasonable accommodations; assisting members of the public gain access to Town programs, services, activities and programs where requested and necessary; and facilitating the resolution of grievances filed against the Town of Colma that allege noncompliance with disability access laws.The Human Resources Manager is responsible for overseeing compliance with ADA Compliance in all Town employment practices.For additional information, please contact:

Pak Lin,  ADA Coordinator
1198 El Camino Real
Colma, CA 94014
(650) 997-8300
(650)997-8308 Fax

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