What should I do with my unused medications?

When prescriptions change, drugs expire or are no longer needed, these medicines are typically flushed or thrown away. Pharmaceuticals left in homes can be ingested by children and animals; medicine thrown in the trash can leach into the environment; flushed drugs can kill bacteria that break down waste in sewage plants, damage septic systems, contaminate nearby waterways and harm aquatic wildlife. You may safely dispose of expired and/or unneeded medication at the following Police Departments:

Daly City Police Department
333 90th Street
Daly City, CA
(650) 991-8119

South San Francisco Police Department
33 Arroyo Drive, Suite C
South San Francisco, CA
(650) 877-8900

For more information, please call Environmental Health at (650) 372-6200 or watch the County of San Mateo Medication Disposal White Board Video.

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