What to Expect

What’s in a Week?

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Camp Activities (White)
Camp Activities are run by our Rec Leaders and/or Leaders in Training, on site at Sterling Park. Camp activities include art, science, snack, and game projects.

Project Read (Green)
Join us as we’re visited weekly by our friends at Project Read! Project Read rotates by week between Nutrition lessons, Science lessons, and the Learning Wheels bus.

Presenter Days (Orange):
Campers will enjoy a visit from a variety of presenters at Sterling Park! Presenters typically visit us in the second half of the day.

Local Field Trips (Purple)
Campers will travel by bus, Bart or foot and experience exciting local places for a day packed with fun! Campers are encouraged to arrive on time at 10am on field trip days. They are typically back from their trip by 4pm at the latest. Disposable paper bag lunches are required on field trip days.

Adventure Field Trips (Blue)
Campers will hop on a bus and explore the greater Bay Area! Adventure field trip arrival and return times vary, please double check flyers for the correct information. Adventure field trips are not included in the Summer Camp Fee. Early Morning and Afternoon Care fees are included for Adventure field trips. Disposable paper bag lunches are required on field trip days.

Onsite Events (Pink)
Campers will enjoy a day packed of fun lead by our Camp staff! Onsite events typically take up a full or half day. Onsite events coincide with our weekly themes, dressing up is encouraged!

What to Pack

  • Required
    • Camp t-shirt (for field trips only)
    • Closed toe shoes
    • Reusable water bottle
    • Layers
  • Recommended
    • Sunscreen
    • Hat
    • Extra set of clothes
    • Backpack
    • Face Masks
    • Beach Towel – to sit on during lunch time

Lunch and Snacks

San Mateo County Libraries provides free lunch and snacks to children from the dates of 6/10/24 to 8/9/23. Parents or guardians who wish for their child to participate in the program must register prior to starting the program. Food program lunch will be provided from Mondays-Fridays as well as on local field trip days. Food Program will not be available on Adventure Trip Days. Children are not required to participate in the free lunch program.

Campers who are not enrolled in the food program are required to bring their own lunch daily, including at least one main lunch item (ex. sandwich, burrito, etc.) and any extra snacks. Children enrolled in early morning care are encouraged to eat breakfast before arrival, however they are also welcome to bring a light breakfast to camp each day. Food deliveries from delivery apps will not be allowed during camp hours, however, deliveries from a family member are accepted. We understand that sometimes a lunch may be forgotten, if there is an issue with your children’s lunch and you will be needing an alternative, please let us know asap.

In order to keep Colma sustainable, we encourage campers to pack re-usable containers whenever possible. We will practice compositing and recycling throughout the program.

Camp Rules

Creating a safe and respectful environment for all campers and staff is our top priority. For more information, please review our  Camp Rules and Disciplinary Policy.

Additional Information

Parents of all enrolled participants will receive an email with additional information 2 – 4 days before your camp week starts! All pertinent information will also be available on our sign-in table.

If you would like to receive specific updates about your child’s day or week, please reach out to the Recreation Coordinator, at dinora.navarro@colma.ca.gov.

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