Recycling and AB341

Over 75% of what is being thrown away at work in San Mateo County could be recycled! Most landfill comes from businesses. Reducing this waste not only helps the environment, but can also result in cost savings. Garbage service can cost a business thousands of dollars every year. Here are ways to reduce waste and help lower your operating costs.

The State of California’s recycling law, AB 341, requires businesses that generate four or more cubic yards or more of waste per week to recycle on site. A local ordinance requires all Colma businesses to recycle, however! Recycling compliance reduces waste and potentially saves money. For example, if your garbage container is picked up two times per week, decrease it to one time per week and increase your recycling service.

California’s recycling law, AB 341, also compels all businesses to provide recycling information to employees, which is the only way to ensure compliance. The good news is that Colma’s recycling/garbage haulers have resources that can help improve recycling at your business by providing free posters, technical assistance and training.


  • Use posters and stickers on recycling containers (provided by your recycling/garbage hauler) to inform employees about all the materials that can be recycled.
  • Let new employees (and remind current employees) know about your recycling program and encourage them to use it!
  • Provide separate containers for recycling inside your business. Your hauler can provide these containers.
  • Make sure your janitorial service knows where to put recyclables in outside containers. (If your janitorial service needs training, please contact your recycling/garbage hauler).
  • Reduce your garbage service level and increase recycling service level. There is no additional cost for recycling.
  • Promote the success of your recycling program to employees and customers.
  • For more recycling and sustainability information, contact or your local garbage/recycling hauler directly.

More steps to green your business:

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