15 to 20 million mattresses are disposed of annually and far too many of them are ending up in landfills or even just on sidewalks, since most people are not aware of a viable option. In response, a guide was developed that explains how to donate a mattress as well as mattress recycling and more.

Check it out here: https://www.tuck.com/mattress-disposal/


To see the most recent City Council Meeting agenda please visit our City Council Agendas page.

City Council meetings are held at Colma Town Hall, 1198 El Camino Real, Colma, CA 94014 on the second and fourth Wednesday of each month at 7:00pm.

For more information please visit our City Council page.

There are a few school districts in proximity to Colma.  Please click on each school district to find out how to enroll your child for school.

There are four colleges in proximity to Colma.  Please click on each school to find out more about applying for college today.

Contact Peninsula Humane Society Animal Rescue and Control at (650) 340-8200 – Extension 603 for Dead Animal Reporting,  Extension 314 for Wildlife Care

Jury duty is handled through the Juror Services Department of the San Mateo County Superior Court. For more information pertaining to jury services, contact San Mateo County Superior Court Juror Services at (650) 261-5100.

The City Council adopted Bark Park Rules in January 2017.  The Bark Park rules enforce unwanted behavior or questionable usage, and are in the best interests of health, safety, and general welfare of the park users.  

Enforcement of the Bark Park Rules will be through the issuance of administrative citations.  Under the Town’s existing Chapter 2.07, the Colma Police are authorized to issue administrative citations for any violations of any park rules and regulations.

Chapter 8 of the Colma Municipal Code includes all of the Town ordinances regarding animals: 

  • The Town allows normal domestic pets such as dogs and cats.
  • The Town prohibits the following:
    • Livestock
    • Feeding of birds in public places
    • Chickens – Unless at least 500 feet from the nearest residence.
    • Feeding of birds on private property except for residential bird feeders when suspended off the ground.  See also the Town’s Bird Feeding brochure: https://www.colma.ca.gov/documents/bird-feeding-faq/

The Town of Colma contracts with the Peninsula Humane Society & SPCA (PHS), a private non-profit organization, to enforce all animal control laws, shelter homeless animals, and provide a variety of other services.

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