FAQ Topic: Comcast Cable

Who pays if I wish to subscribe to “premium” channels?

You are responsible for all charges for any additional services, including installation charges and monthly subscription charges. Additional services include premium channels, digital TV, adding more outlets, changing the location of an outlet, etc.

What is included in Comcast’s Digital Starter service?

Digital Starter includes both basic and expanded basic television channels such as the major networks (NBC, CBS, ABC, Fox) as well as a host of other channels such as C-Span, CNBC, MSNBC, CNN, TBS, FX, Food Network, and HGTV, to name a few.

I just moved to Colma, how do I sign up for basic cable services?

Please call Comcast at (855) 307-4896 to set up your service. Customer service representatives with Comcast will need to verify your address to ensure that you fall under the Town of Colma’s bulk service account.  If Comcast does not have your address listed on the town’s bulk service account; you may not reside in the … Continued

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