Colma PD Press Release – BART Fare Evasion Detail

Posted on May 3, 2022

Today’s Date: 5/3/2022
Type of Incident: BART Fare Evasion Detail Location of Incident: 365 D Street, Broadmoor
Authored By: Sergeant Guerrero #C14 Authorized By: Chief Munsey #C55

Colma, CA – On 5/2/2022, a total of 22 officers from Colma PD, BART PD and Broadmoor PD participated in our first collaborative operation to reduce fare evasions at Colma BART and help reduce subsequent criminal activity in the surrounding area, including retail theft.
The goal of this proactive enforcement operation was to identify, monitor, enforce, and suppress criminal activity that originated from the Colma BART Station. This continuous proactive enforcement operation will be conducted to suppress further criminal activity within the community, specifically businesses and residential neighborhoods surrounding the Colma BART Station.
Officers made in excess of 60 pedestrian stops with 42 citations issued. The enforcement detail resulted in:
30 citations for fare evasions
• 6 citations for misdemeanor warrants
• 6 citations for possession of narcotics/drug paraphernalia
• 1 arrest for a felony warrant
• 17 warnings were issued
The officers remained committed to making a high volume of pedestrian stops in this coordinated effort while maintaining the highest level of community awareness and professionalism. The number of pedestrian stops and citations issued during this detail reflects a sustained enthusiasm for this operation and the safety of our community.

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