Crime Bulletin — March 2019

Posted on May 1, 2019

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Crimes Investigated

Vehicle Burglary

During the month of March, there was one (1) report of a vehicle being burglarized.

Stolen Vehicle

During the month of March, there were three (3) reports of vehicles being stolen.  Three stolen vehicles were recovered by Colma Police Officers during the month.


During the month of March, the Colma Police Department received thirty-five (35) reports of theft related crimes and made twenty-two (22) arrests ranging from petty theft, grand theft, shoplifting, identity theft, burglary and embezzlement.

Towed Vehicles

During the month of March, there were thirty-two (32) vehicles towed for violations ranging from arrested suspects, expired registration over six months, and abandoned vehicles.


During the month of March, patrol officers made a total of twenty-five (25) arrests for drug and alcohol related charges, which included two (2) arrests for driving under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol.

Identity Theft/Stolen Vehicle – UPDATE

On 01/14/19, Colma Police Officers responded to the 400 block of Serramonte Boulevard on a report of a fraudulently purchased vehicle.  The victim’s personal information was stolen in Manteca and used via the internet to purchase a vehicle in Colma.  Further investigation by Colma Detectives has revealed several suspects from the Central Valley and Oregon areas.  One of the suspects has been arrested in Oregon and the vehicle has been recovered.

After an exhaustive investigation and working closely with other local and out of state law enforcement agencies, Colma Police Detectives identified the primary suspect as Frank Phillips, a 35-year old Stockton resident.  Colma Detectives learned that Phillips was in custody in the San Joaquin County Jail, and promptly obtained a warrant for his arrest.

On 3/22/19, Phillips was arrested on the warrant and transferred to the San Mateo County jail where he is awaiting his day in court.

Convicted Felon in Possession of Firearm

On 03/06/19, Colma Police Officers observed a vehicle parked in the Metro Mall parking lot occupied by two adult males who were acting suspiciously when they saw the Police vehicle drive through the parking lot.  A traffic enforcement stop was later made on the vehicle for vehicle code violations.  Both males gave false names to the Officers and were ultimately arrested on multiple charges including the possession of a 9mm firearm where the serial numbers had been altered.  Both males were booked into the San Mateo County Jail on multiple charges.

Possession of Controlled Substance for Sale

On 03/27/19 at approximately 1437 hours, Colma Police Officers conducted a traffic enforcement stop near the intersection of Junipero Serra Blvd and San Pedro Road where the male driver was found to be on searchable probation and one of the male passengers had a no bail felony warrant out of Milpitas.  During a search of the vehicle, 48 grams of methamphetamine individually packaged for sales, a digital scale and over $1000 dollars in cash were located.  One suspect was arrested for the warrant and the other suspect was arrested for possession of drugs for sale.  Both were booked into the county jail.

County-Wide Efforts

Officer Guerrero participated in one San Mateo County Saturation Traffic Enforcement Program (STEP) detail.

Officer Mendoza participated in the San Mateo County Gang Task Force one-week deployment.

Community Events

  • 03/01/19, Pollicita Middle School Career Day
  • 03/13/19, Council Meeting
  • 03/19/19, CAPE Meeting/Make up class
  • 03/20/19, Senior Luncheon
  • 03/25/19, Youth Outreach Program
  • 03/26/19, CAPE Meeting/Make Up Classes
  • 03/27/19, Council Meeting
  • 03/30/19, Ching Ming Event
  • 03/31/19, Ching Ming Event

March Statistics

Arrests 73
Reports Taken 144
Traffic Citations 91
Parking Citations 159
Automobile Collisions 8


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