Draft General Plan Update 2040

Posted on May 28, 2021

The Public Review Draft General Plan Update is now available.

The Town of Colma 2040 General Plan (“GP”; “GP Update”) articulates the shared long-term community vision for preservation, enhancement and improvement of the Town. It is a long-range plan that directs decision-making and establishes rules and standards for town improvements and new development within the corporate boundaries of the Town.1 The GP Update reflects the community’s vision for the future and is intended to provide direction through the year 2040. A General Plan serves as the jurisdiction’s “constitution” or “blueprint” for future decisions concerning a variety of issues including land use, health and safety, and resource conservation. All specific plans, subdivisions, public works projects, and zoning decisions must be consistent with the local jurisdiction’s General Plan.

We are looking for feedback or comments on the Draft General Plan Update from our community members. For more information or to submit your comments, contact City Planner Michael Laughlin at 650-757-8896 or email mlaughlin@colma.ca.gov

Draft General Plan Update

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