LiveWire – May 2023

Posted on May 1, 2023

City Manager’s Update
Brian Dossey, City Manager

The Colma Historical Association (CHA), a nonprofit located at 1500 Hillside Blvd, and is in need of volunteers. The CHA was founded in 1993 to collect, preserve and display documents, and artifacts and to disseminate information relating to the history of the Town of Colma. The CHA museum does a remarkable job of telling the unique story of the Town of Colma through its impressive collection and displays. None of it would be possible without the docents who volunteer their time at the museum.  If you’re interested in volunteering for this nonprofit, please contact the CHA at

At the April 26th Council meeting, staff presented the Town’s FY2023-24 operating budget to the City Council and received positive feedback and recommended changes for the next study session on the budget. Staff will present the proposed Capital Improvement Plan budget to City Council for review on May 10th, and then bring the proposed operating and CIP back to the City Council for final review at the May 24th Council meeting. We would like to hear your input and feedback on the budget so we hope to see you at our May City Council meetings. The Town will have the Fiscal Year 2023-24 Budget Public Hearing at the June 14th meeting where the Council will consider the Budget for adoption.

Also, since spring is here and summer is just around the corner, it is time to start thinking about cleaning out those garages and closets, removing old Household Hazardous Waste products. Household hazardous waste are items such as paints, chemical cleaners, fertilizers or pesticides, and automotive supplies like oil and fluids. San Mateo County hosts FREE household hazardous waste drop off events all over the County each month. All drop off events require appointments, for more information on how to dispose of household hazardous waste or make an appointment, please visit or call 650-372-6200.

Lastly, we would like to wish all the moms in Colma a Happy Mother’s Day!


Every Day is Earth Day! Take action to be more sustainable
Kathleen Gallagher, Sustainability Manager

Earth Day is every April 22nd, but it’s important we take action to preserve and protect our natural resources every day to support future generations. We have the opportunity to implement new sustainable actions into our daily lives and be more environmentally friendly. Below are a few actions you can do to make a change!

  1. Go all electric. Transition your home to all electric appliances to save money, improve air quality in your home, and increase the resiliency of our community. For opportunities to save money, visit the Town’s website at
  1. Compost all organic waste. Did you know that any soiled paper product can go in your green waste bin? Diverting organic waste from landfills greatly reduces the amount of harmful greenhouse gas super pollutants that are released into the
    atmosphere. For more info:
  2. Shop green and local. Purchase products made of recycled materials and from businesses with sustainable practices. Shop at local markets to support growers and artisans in the area. Visit:
  3. Take public transportation, bike, and drive less. Transportation creates 68% of greenhouse gas emissions in Colma. Take
    advantage of sunny weather by taking public transportation, walking, or biking more frequently. Take the 2023 Commuter Challenge!
  4. Plant Drought Tolerant Landscaping. Although this was a wet winter, we still need to conserve water. Plant drought resistant landscaping at your home or business with Lawn Be Gone Rebates. For more information visit the Town’s website at

By focusing on even just a few of these actions at a time, you can create a big impact. Visit the Town’s Sustainability website at for more information on how you can save money and practice Earth Day every day.

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