City Council Value-Based Code of Conduct


The proper operation of democratic government requires that decision-makers be independent, impartial and accountable to the people they serve. The purpose of this Code of Values is to promote and maintain the highest standards of personal and professional conduct in the Town’s government. Because we seek public confidence in the Town’s services and public trust of its decision-makers, the City Council and Leadership Team adopts and pledges to follow this Value-Based Code of Conduct:


As representatives of the Town of Colma, we are fair and impartial.

In practice:

  • We support the public’s right to know and promote meaningful public involvement.
  • We support each other in health, wellness, work-life balance, and foster mindfulness by treating each other with care and compassion.
  • We treat all persons, claims and transactions in a fair and equitable manner.
  • We make decisions based on the merits of the issue.

Honesty and Integrity

As representatives of the Town of Colma, we act with honesty and integrity.

In practice:

  • We are prepared to make unpopular decisions when our sense of the public’s best interest requires it.
  • We take responsibility for our actions, even when it is uncomfortable to do so.
  • We are open, honest and transparent in our communication.
  • We acknowledge, recognize, give credit and trust each other for our contributions to moving the community’s interests forward.


As representatives of the Town of Colma, we act in a responsible manner.

In practice:

  • We do not use public resources, such as agency staff time, equipment, supplies or facilities, for private gain or personal purposes.
  • We develop strong relationships with our community, and encourage collaboration with our residents, businesses, and peer Town representatives and staff.
  • We make decisions after prudent consideration of the financial impact, considering the long-term financial needs of the agency, especially its financial stability.
  • We come to meetings prepared and ready to contribute thoughtfully.


As representatives of the Town of Colma, we look to the future when making decisions.

In practice:

  • We promote intelligent and thoughtful innovation in order to forward the Town’s policies and services.
  • We are flexible with future needs and are adaptable when faced with unforeseen circumstances.
  • We endeavor to anticipate the broader regional and statewide implications of the agency’s decisions and issues.
  • We understand change can be a stressful but a necessary part of the innovative process.


As representatives of the Town of Colma, we respect one another and the public.

In practice:

  • We treat one another and the public with patience, courtesy and civility, even when we disagree.
  • We focus on the merits in discussions of issues, not personalities, character or motivations.
  • We share our ideas freely, are open-minded and value others’ ideas and opinions, and listen to suggestions before making a decision.
  • We work to build trust with one another and the community to foster an inclusive, supportive and open environment.
Current Signed Value-Based Code of Conduct
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