Contractor Bidders List

  • NOTICE TO ALL LICENSED CONTRACTORS: The Town hereby invites all licensed contractors to complete this form and submit it to the Colma Public Works Director if you wish to be included on the Town's list of Qualified Bidders for Public Works projects.
  • Trade Descriptions

  • Please fill out the following for each trade your firm is proposing to be listed on: 1. CA Contractors License Number - State issued Contractors License Number. 2. Type of Classification: General "A", General "B" or Specialty Classification "C". 3. Brief description of work associated with License.
  • Application Certification: I certify that to the best of my knowledge that the information provided above is accurate and true as of this date. I am licensed in the State of California and skilled to perform the above work as stated, I am also able to secure bonds if required by the Town to perform the work if selected. My company shall comply with all Town, State and Federal requirements.
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