FAQ Topic: Business

What are the various zoning districts in Town?

Cemetery (G):  A majority of the Town is zoned for Cemetery.  This zone also allows for related uses such as flower sales and monument manufacturing.  Agricultural uses are also permitted.  Golf related activities are conditionally permitted. Executive/Administrative Office (E): This zone allows for office uses, monument sales and flower sales. The properties with this zoning … Continued

Can I hang a temporary banner on my business?

The Town of Colma takes pride in its attractive shopping areas that are free from visual clutter.  In order to balance the needs of businesses to advertise and the desire of the Town to minimize visual clutter, the Town requires a Temporary Banner Permit for temporary signs.  The permit allows for the use of a … Continued

Do I need a sign permit?

You will want to check in with the Planning Department to find out if you need a sign permit for any new commercial business signs intended for public view.  The Town’s Sign ordinance can be viewed here.

Do I need a building permit?

Building permits are required to build, enlarge, alter, remove, demolish, or repair a structure. This includes everything from houses and garages to commercial construction, tenant improvements to signs. Some work does not require a permit, so check here first. Prior to getting a building permit, you should first check with the Planning Department to make … Continued

How do I register a new business in the Town?

If you would like to register your new business you should check with our Planning Department to make sure your business location is zoned properly for the business you want to do. Then you will need to apply for your business license. You can submit an application, renew, and pay through this online portal. Please contact … Continued

Does the Town require a business license?

Under Colma Municipal Code Section 4.01.040(d), contractors and subcontractors not based in Colma, not soliciting repeated work in the Town, and working on a single, one-time construction project within the Town of Colma are not required to register or pay a business registration tax. However, a business license is required to conduct regular business within the … Continued

How do I pay my business license?

You pay for your Business License when you register a new business or renew your annual license. Please do not mail or drop off payments to Town Hall. Business licenses are processed online. Please contact the Customer Service Department at (650) 466-0140 or colma@hdlgov.com with any questions.

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