Disaster Preparedness

Colma residents learning CPRIt is not a matter of if; it is a matter of when.  The Town of Colma and the rest of the Bay Area is vulnerable to both natural and man-made disasters – earthquakes, fires, severe weather, floods, hazardous material spills, plane crashes, terrorist attacks, civil unrest, severe and prolonged energy shortages.  If a disaster occurs in our community, staff will do everything possible to respond to requests for assistance.  Your elected officials and staff are committed to the safety and well-being of the Town’s residents, businesses and visitors.  Steps that the Town has taken to prepare for a swift and appropriate disaster response include:

  • Adoption of the Colma Disaster Council Guidelines. Detailed protocols have been included in the Municipal Code to provide the framework for Town’s disaster response.
  • Commitment to the Standardized Emergency Management System (SEMS) in the event of local or large-scale emergency. SEMS allows all government agencies from the local level to the national level to work together to ensure the most effective response.
  • State-of-the-Art Emergencies Operations Center (EOC) in the Police Department. While the public will not have access to the EOC, that room and what goes on within its’ walls is critical disaster response and recovery.
  • Staff training. To make sure equipment is working, supplies are adequate and skills are sharp, staff participates in scenario and tabletop trainings which simulate actual disasters.  Management, Public Safety and Maintenance personnel have been trained in disaster specific responses.
  • Stockpiling of Food, Water and Medical Supplies. The Town has purchased emergency response kits for staff and residents.  The kits will be distributed, should the need arise, in a manner that makes sense given the situation at the time. While your elected officials and staff are committed to your safety and well-being, they cannot reach everyone right away.  The Town urges everyone to be responsible for their own and their family’s safety and emergency preparedness by taking the time now to plan.  It is recommended that you prepare yourself and your family to be self-reliant for three days.

If you need guidance in getting your family prepared for any emergency click here to view or print our helpful flyer.

The Colma Fire Protection District has prepared disaster preparedness and response information, which is available on their website.  Please click on the below links to access this information.

Preparedness Public Education

The following websites present addional information regarding disaster preparedness.

Emergency Operations Plan

This Emergency Operations Plan (EOP) addresses the Town of Colma’s planned response to extraordinary emergency situations associated with natural disasters and technological incidents.

Winter Storms and Sandbag Distribution

As predictions of winter storms begin and the chances of localized flooding increase, please be aware that residents may obtain sandbags at no cost from the Town of Colma’s Corporation Yard, Monday through Friday, from 6:30am to 3:00pm.  Please call (650) 757-8888 to ensure the gate is opened before you arrive.

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