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1. Land Use Program (Priority)

A. Objective Description:  Complete the Zoning Code Update (Implement the General Plan Update – “GPU”)  Pursuant to state law, the Town of Colma is required to amend its zoning code and zoning map after the adoption of the Town’s GPU 2040. The GPU and zoning must be consistent with one another.  Colma planning staff began … Continued

2. Branding and Marketing Program

A. Objective Description:  Branding Campaign – Conduct Professional Services Procurement Process   The 2012 Economic Development Plan identified several strategies within the framework of the study. One of the strategies was to create Branding and Promotional Materials emphasizing Colma’s commercial activities. Phase 1 of the project will be to prepare a Request for Proposal (RFP) and … Continued

3. Retail Recruitment & Retention Program

A. Objective Description:  Administer the Retail Coach Contract  In 2021 the Town entered into an agreement with the “Retail Coach” a consultant that provide market analysis of commercial areas and recruits commercial businesses to shopping centers with high vacancies. Since retaining the Retail Coach there has been a higher level of communication with Kimco’s 280 … Continued

4. Events and Communications Program

A. Objective Description:  Continue to coordinate and program the Mayor/Chamber Walks, Business Recognition Luncheon, regular meetings with the Cemetery and Auto Row work group and create and distribute the “Colma Works” business newsletter   STATUS (as of 6/30/23):  In 2022 the Mayor along with Staff and the Chamber of Commerce conducted three separate Mayor/Chamber Walks along Mission … Continued

Sustainability accomplishments

Saved over 1,000,000 Kwh of energy usage and reduced GHG emissions by 211 tons through our partnership with Ecology Action and PG&E for our businesses and municipal offices Colma has “Opted up to ECO 100”, and is purchasing 100% renewable energy for all Colma facilities. Colma is encouraging our businesses and residents to Opt up … Continued


Help shape the future of housing in Colma! Your opinion can help us set policies and programs to achieve housing needs for your community. Let your voice be heard! The survey will be active from 4/8/22 to 4/29/22. Submissions will be anonymous. Paper copies will be available at Town Hall and our various events. Link … Continued

Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee

The Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee (BPAC) provides advice and recommendations to the C/CAG Board of Directors on matters relating to bicycle and pedestrian improvement projects. The BPAC advises the C/CAG Board on priority projects for funding through the Transportation Development Act Article 3 grant program and the One Bay Area Grant program. For more information, … Continued

San Mateo County City Selection Committee

The City Selection Committee is required to appoint city representatives to board, commissions, and agencies as required by law. (California Government Code §50270). City Selection Committee is comprised of Mayors of all 20 incorporated cities/towns in San Mateo County. For more information, please visit:

San Francisco International Airport Community Roundtable

The San Francisco International Airport/Community Roundtable was established in 1981 as a voluntary committee to address community noise impacts from aircraft operations at San Francisco International Airport (SFO). The Roundtable monitors a performance-based noise mitigation program implemented by airport staff, interprets community concerns and attempts to achieve noise mitigation through a cooperative sharing of authority … Continued

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