FAQ Topic: Code Enforcement

What are the rules for use of the Bark Park?

The City Council adopted Bark Park Rules in January 2017.  The Bark Park rules enforce unwanted behavior or questionable usage, and are in the best interests of health, safety, and general welfare of the park users.   Enforcement of the Bark Park Rules will be through the issuance of administrative citations.  Under the Town’s existing … Continued

What are the Town animal ordinances?

Chapter 8 of the Colma Municipal Code includes all of the Town ordinances regarding animals:  The Town allows normal domestic pets such as dogs and cats. The Town prohibits the following: Livestock Feeding of birds in public places Chickens – Unless at least 500 feet from the nearest residence. Feeding of birds on private property … Continued

Are there any restrictions regarding construction noise?

Yes. The Town has a construction noise ordinance which limits noise generating construction of any kind to the following hours: Weekday Start Time is 8:00 AM; Weekday End Time is 7:00 PM. Saturday Start Time is 9:00 AM. Saturday End Time is 5:00 PM. Sunday Start Time is 12:00 PM. Sunday End Time is 5:00 … Continued

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